Ralzina (NE female half-elf warlock 7) arrived in Stormreach three years ago, with the scent and trappings of old money clinging to her sensuous form as tightly as the silk dresses she favors. Ralzina purchased the financially floundering Wyvern’s Tail from a gnarled old stablemaster named Jarksin, who now serves as handler for the stable. Within months the Wyvern’s Tail rose from the bottom of the lists to one of the most respected stables in the Ring.

Ralzina’s willingness to send her best gladiators and most valuable slaves into harm’s way without a second thought elevated her quickly to the Blood Council. Most stablemasters are careful with their strongest and most powerful bloodbound, grooming them for title bouts and important matches, but Ralzina ruthlessly threw her most valuable assets into the Ring again and again, apparently indifferent to their chances of survival. Most assume her family’s wealth made her unconcerned, but the truth is far more sinister.

Ralzina is a cultist of the Dragon Below. The “brand” with which she marks her bloodbound is actually a potent magic sigil revealed to her in a schizophrenic vision. She believes that the symbol channels the bearer’s soul energy into herself upon the bloodbound’s death. Whether her bloodbound win or lose, she reaps the benefit, either in gold or souls. Unlike the rest of the stablemasters, Ralzina has no stake whatsoever in the Red Ring or her bloodbound; she’s only using her seat on the council to secure as many death matches for her bloodbound as possible.

Ralzina is a beautiful half-elf. She has red hair decorated with silver and sapphire ornaments, large scarlet lips, and green eyes. She favors tight-fitting silk gowns of green or red.

High in the Auxyl Hills stands a relic of a bygone age: a great blocky fortress of crumbling gray stone. Horse trails snake from Auxylgard through the surrounding countryside to Daskaran, Flamekeep, and Athandra. Soldiers standing on the battlements of Auxylgard can see trouble coming from miles away and mobilize quickly to any of these three cities.

The fortress itself is surrounded by scorched hills. In decades past, Auxylgard served as an academy for the king’s royal guard, but the fading of the monarchy sealed the academy’s fate. That said, the fortress fended off several Aundairian incursions during the Last War, and its strategic importance has not diminished over time. It now watches over the road to Flamekeep. A priest (LG male human cleric 7 [Silver Flame]) remains on site to tend to the sick and relay warnings to Flamekeep (via sending spells) when necessary.