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Brought to you by our sponsors at Nuka-Cola! Bubbly and refreshing!

Remova os anúncios assinando Kanka ou impulsionando a campanha.

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Far Go Traders is a merchant house of the New California Republic, tracing its roots to the 22nd century and the thriving trade that developed among the communities of New California.

Dixon's whiskey is a low-quality variant of whiskey, sold exclusively by Freeside merchant Dixon. Compared to normal whiskey, it has double the penalty to Intelligence (-2) and lacks any Charisma bonus, but its most important (and hidden) difference is its increased addiction rate. Dixon's whiskey causes alcohol addiction at a rate of 50%, compared to whiskey's 10% chance of addiction.

Rank 1: Heal Rate (HR) becomes +50% Maximum Health Points (MHP).

Rank 2: Heal Rate (HR) becomes +100% Maximum Health Points (MHP).

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