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The Bazaar is the largest commercial area north of the River Aniene in the Downriver Ward. Almost anything can be found in this neighborhood, although the quality of wares isn't always the best.  At the center of the neighborhood, the open market from which the area takes its name presents a labyrinth of shops, tents, and makeshift stalls set up in the middle of the street. The brightly colored tarps and tents can be seen from the bridge over the river, assuming one does not hear or smell the market first.  The Bazaar has the highest concentration of criminal activity—illegal services and trades, as well as pickpockets, bullies, and con artists.  The Cornys Family controls most of the illegal activities.

Places of Interest

Simply known as The Arena, there is a large oval-shaped center in the eastern end of the neighborhood for gladiatorial combat. Some of it is more deadly then others, but it usually involves either slaves or warriors looking for coin.


Art by Gilles Ketting.

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