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Session 22: Into the Darkness


Continued from Session 21: Uncertain Insights.

After the group decided to take their prisoners to Sana's old workshop in the Sewers, Tor'in left to scout ahead and make sure the place was ready. Meanwhile, Meriel disguised their two captives so it would hopefully not be obvious that one of them looked like Prince Tobias er'Ceasian when they carried him unconscious through the streets of the city. To be extra careful, they grabbed a rug and wrapped him up inside of it. Carefully making their way to the city with Ren carrying a rather large and heavy rug over his shoulder, they avoided any undue attention.

Once safely underground in the sewers, Amos started asking questions of their conscious captive. His name was Desconhecido, and he worked for the Cornys Family.  He sometimes works at the Dark Horse Den as a bouncer, but also does other work. Today, he was told he needed to quiet Amaro Barden, who was hired by the shapeshifter murderer disguised as Lady Zara fae'Fournius. Braxton takes orders from a man named Carsten, and sometimes from Tycho Jaskin. Oak confirmed that both were people around the Dark Horse Den. Braxton says he sees Lady Zara at the Dark Horse Den sometimes for special events, like balls and dances hosted at the gambling hall. Tor'in escorted Braxton out of the sewers, making sure to put a hood over his head to prevent him from finding Sana's workshop. He also removed a few coins and brass knuckles from Braxton's pockets.

Amos read through some of the letters that they had found in the pockets of the shapeshifter and supposed prince... at this point, the party wasn't sure if he was truly the Prince or somehow still disguised. The letters were love letters from twenty to thirty years ago. Although he wasn't certain, Amos thinks that at least one half of the letters were written by Lady Zara.

After binding the supposed Prince's hands and fingers and blindfolding him, Amos attempting to use his divine magic to heal him. However, the magic did not seem to have any effect, as if he was resistant to it. Instead, Ren used supplies from a healer's kit to rouse the supposed Prince.

The group began to ask their questions. When asked about his appearance, the supposed Prince claimed he always looked the way that his mother made him. He said that his mother was Hezra the witch, and that he hears her voice in his head telling him what to do. Concerned that this may be the new Listener, Meriel left to fetch Mordenkai from the Giving Hands. Ren also went to see Ragor, Hezra's son.

At the Giving Hands, Meriel learned that Mordenkai had passed away earlier that day. The Solari were out looking for Kith, who had disappeared after Mordenkai had died. Kennick gave Meriel a pendant that Mordenkai wanted her to have. Tarnished and worn, it was round with an eagle embossed on one side and the number six, with a series of numbers etched on the opposite side. Meriel stopped by the Gilded Stage and asked her former coworkers to keep an eye out for the young Caithan. Ren was more successful at Ragor's house, and brought him to the sewers while filling him in about the murders and their suspicions about the shapeshifting culprit.

Ragor confirmed that the blue potion carried by the shapeshifter was a match for the ones that he makes, which he said was an alchemical recipe he learned from his mother. Ragor questioned the suspect, becoming angrier with each question. Although Ragor threatened him with a knife, he didn't harm him. Ragor did, however, slice open the suspect's sleeve, revealing layers of scars on his forearm, both horizontal and vertical cuts. Ragor confirmed that he was told Hezra was dead, and that the Keeper Sendara Thoniel, along with Alcor Aquilla, were the ones that told him.

The suspect repeated that he did not trust anyone, least of all the people in the room. He admitted that Hezra was controlling him through Blood Magic, and he feels that if he replaces his blood, than he can no longer control him. His task, given to him through Hezra's voice, is to sow chaos.

Continued in Session 23: The Prince's Aspect.

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