Born the only child of Giant blacksmith and former adventurer Eddard McHayden and his wife, High Elf sign-painter Jezebel McHayden, Ephri showed a natural aptitude at both of her father's professions from a relatively young age, barely being out of her seventies before heading off to be an adventurer. Under the training of her father's former squire Eslo Lightfoot, she alongside Virion III Quinnlee became a founding member of The Golden Knights.

Her achievements as one of their number included killing an Ice Dragon that was terrorising a village, clearing out a temple from the control of a horde of Greenskins that was using it to raid caravans crossing the Central Plains and killing hundreds of undead throughout the Grand Duchy of Tir, amongst other achievements. She is also notable winning the one-on-one Melee at the The Grand Tournament in 3A 182 and winning the Wrestling event in the same in three consecutive years between 3A 181 and 183.

During this time she favoured Enlarged weapons and minimal armour, although did wear a breastplate and helm in the Golden Knights' livery.

Her adventuring came to an end as a result of three factors happening concurrently - her being severely injured after being eaten by a Fire Dragon (which she killed from the inside out), the stomach acid of which severely scarred her right arm, right side of her torso and right side of her head; the (second) death of her close friend and fellow Golden Knight Brant Caulder Sr.; and her father being forced to retire from the family business after developing lung cancer - and so she left to recover from her injuries and to tend to her father, who died in 3A 190 of his illness. Following his death, she had her scars tattooed over in blue and took over running her family's forge in T'Kashire. She has since become a very highly regarded blacksmith, much like her father before her.

It is revealed in A Gathering Storm that she had a song written about her by Eslo, titled "She Tripped and Got Eaten by a Dragon", which is a popular drinking song in the Grand Duchy and the Halfling Shires . Despite the title and the song's humorous tone, it is actually not as demeaning as it sounds.

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