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Dragonfire Records



Dragonfire Records, to the public eye, is simply a successful record label that's signed many of the successful music artists that have had their start within Zyraitix, ranging across all genres as Dragonfire Records aspires to keep an influential hold over the music market within the nation, and beyond. Every aspiring musician within Zyraitix dreams of the day they get signed on by Dragonfire Records, knowing that the path to success, fame, riches, and more lies closer than they could ever imagine with their help. Dragonfire Records owns a veritable host of music stores within the nation, and has plans to slowly expand into other nations to try and spread their reach beyond just the borders of Zyraitix. One oddity remains with Dragonfire Records, however, as they refuse to do business with the other major corporations of Zyraitix unless deemed absolutely necessary. Not many know the reason for this, simply thinking that Dragonfire Records wishes to distance itself from other major players as much as it possibly can, though there are a few that know its true motives.

Led by the enigmatic and secluded Raging Dragon, Dragonfire Records has enjoyed a rapid rise in power and influence, expanding at a rate far faster than most corporations bear witness to. Most attribute this to a mix of good luck and the innate success of their music artists, though the CEO of the corporation also has their fingers dipped into more profitable, and dangerous business. The Raging Dragon, along with a very small handful of others, despise the corporate nature of Zyraitix to its core, wishing to see the mega corporations that rule Zyraitix brought to their knees by any means necessary. Quite a few of the music artists signed by Dragonfire Records know of and believe in this mission with all their being, using their careers as covers while they commit sabotage, theft, terrorism, and various other capital crimes. 

Those with expansive influence within Zyraitix have grown suspicious of Dragonfire Records, though the company's PR team as well as the influence they hold as managed to fend off any such allegations... for now. 

Notes about Dragonfire Records: 

  • To the public eye, Dragonfire Records is nothing but a successful record label that is quickly expanding.
  • Joining the secret mercenary group that exists within Dragonfire Records is not something you can seek out. You must be sought out and chosen. 
  • No one knows who the Raging Dragon is, the CEO conducting business via proxies whenever he can. Many seek to learn their identity, in order to connect them to the various criminal activities the company secretly indulges in.
  • Their corporate slogan is, "Be Your Own Label."

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