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  1. Personagens

Evelyn de Filletage

The Headd, Leader of The Band


Evelyn De Filletage, more commonly known as The Headd, is the leader of the illustrious group known as The Band

Before she was the leader of The Band, though, she was just a girl, born in Yonia to a noble family and with a little sister on the way. Life was good. 

For a time, anyway.

As Evelyn grew older, she was forced to come to terms with her family's noble birth when she was subsequently kidnapped and ransomed off back to her family. To her shock, however, her parents refused to come and get her. So, out of desperation and fear, she managed to talk the mercenary group that'd kidnapped her into a new plan; She would help them kidnap her little sister and, in exchange, they would let her go. 

With Evelyn's help, their job was all too easy. They went in, grabbed the girl, and were out before the sun rose the next day. By the time their parents realized that now both their baby girls were gone, the group was half a days' ride out of Yonia already. 

True to their word, Evelyn was set free out into the streets of Yonia, but they left her with a catch; They'd left behind word that she'd helped them kidnap her sister. Now, with nowhere to go, no family to return to, and a conscious beladen with guilt, Evelyn was stuck on the streets when she was very young.

She picked up skills that allowed her to survive, became a bit of a known criminal and, before long, and amassed her own little group of other wayward kids who had nowhere to go. As time went on, though, the guilt that she felt over what she'd done to her sister continued to weigh on her well into her adulthood.

By the time she was sixty, she was certain that her sister had either died or something truly cruel had happened to her instead. She swore, then, to do her damnedest to do more good than she'd done bad. She, alongside a friend of hers named Hector, started The Band; A group of well-meaning mercenaries whose sole goal was to do good for goods' sake. 

Evelyn would do good with her life, or whatever was left of it.

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