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The world of Fiora has known the cycle of Cataclysm and Regrowth as far as recorded history can tell… and beyond. A land of a single continent, something terrible dwells at its center… It is a territory of pure night, one that ebbs and flows, and weakens as one draws further away. Divided into the Everdark, the Nearnight, the Evergrey, and the Nearlight, it is a source of constant concern for all who dwell around it. And from it… comes the Cataclysm.Time and time again the Cataclysm and the long night has come, spreading outward from that dark center. With the Cataclysm comes darkness and death, creatures of pure shadow and night that bleed life not just from the living, but from the land itself. Each time civilizations crumble, races fall, and when it recedes, those who survive are left to pick up the pieces.  ...

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