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July 2022

czerwiec 23, 2022

Welcome to the July 2022 community vote! We skipped the previous community vote to focus on onboarding our first junior developer. But we are now back and ready for your help in setting the upcoming month's focus!


Vote for this option if you wish to be able to add members to your plugins. This way, a plugin could be managed by multiple members, or passed on when you no longer have the time or motivation to update a plugin.

Quick Creator

This option would add Posts as an option in the quick creator interface. Select an entity, the post's position, visibility, and some basic formatting to quickly take notes without having to go to another page. This would not include the full text editor in the quick creator, but only a "dumb" text field.

Advanced mentions

Working with advanced mentions is an amazing feature, but it can quickly become confusing due to the lack of entity names in them. With this option, advanced mentions would include the target entity's name visually when editing a text.

If you have any question regarding these options, head over to our Discord.

Multiple authored plugins
Create posts from the quick creator
Show the target name in advanced mentions

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