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May 2022

kwiecień 23, 2022

Welcome to the May 2022 community vote! Our previous community vote saw a new record of ballots cast, so thank you for that! The winner and runner up ended up in Kanka. For this month, we're going with some smaller quality of life features again.


Allow two new features for posts. The first one is moving a post to another entity, and the second option is to tag posts.

Dashboard Widgets

The dashboard widgets could use a bit of love. Allow the random widget to include filters (and not just the tags). Show weather effects on the calendar dashboard widget.


I know the community will riot if calendars don't get some frequent love. Vote for this option if you want me to be sad, but want a setting on calendars to define the default layout (yearly or monthly). This option also includes re-visiting some of the UI to make it cleaner, and add keyboard shortcuts to load the next or previous month (or year if in yearly view).

Most importantly, this option would reverse the moon icons when the moon is coloured (as requested several times in the Discord), and add the gibbous and crescent info to moon phases.

Move & Tag Posts
Dashboard Widgets
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