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Wedding Customs 💒

Wedding Customs 💒

lipiec 1. 2022 - lipiec 31. 2022 - Sędzia gościnny Dschäykib

Welcome to our worldbuilding prompt for July 2022.

For this prompt, we want to know about the wedding customs of your world. Does the bridal couple need to first survive a few days on a desert island before being recognised by their group? Does the groom's parents need to offer a necklace of fairy teeth to the bride, and the consequences to not do so causes problems? Do weddings involve five people tying their futures together to form a new colony, where the fith person is in charge of decision tie breaking? Do weddings only last until the birth of a third child? Get creative and tell us all about it!

The winner will get the following rewards:

We look forward to seeing your submissions 😊

Photo by Beatriz Pérez Moya on Unsplash

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