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Chanaakar's sister was every bit as precocious as her brother, though her talents run more to the mastery of the body than of the mind. Still, she is kalashtar, as was their mother, and she knows the importance of balance. Luunkashtai has always loved her brother deeply, and she places her duty to him at the highest priority. However, since Raadu Xeel and the Endseekers attacked Chanaakar, she has been more watchful and involved with the community of Kasshta Keep. Her position as the Speaker's Hand is a respected one, but she has also earned the right to lead the Kashtai line of kalashtar in the citadel. Some might say that being a member of the elder council and a servant of the Speaker's is a conflict of interest, but nobody questions Luunkashtai's sense of duty and honor.

Luunkashtai has given birth to many children. Chanaakar appreciates being an uncle more than Luunkashtai likes being a mother, but the communal raising of children in Kasshta Keep allowed her to fulfill what she felt were her obligations to the future of the kalashtar while remaining a warrior. All six of Luunkashtai's living children are adults, serving either in Kasshta Keep or elsewhere in the land of refuge. Three others have died on the borders in skirmishes with Riedrans.

Through sheer luck or divine will, Aruldusk escaped the Last War relatively unscathed, even as cities and towns were destroyed around it. Thanks to its good fortune, the once small town exploded in growth, becoming a vibrant city. Commerce and visitors come by way of the lightning rail passing through the city, or along one of the three caravan routes converging there. Aruldusk caters to travelers and adventurers and features shops, inns, and restaurants that bring gold into the community.

Source: Eberron Campaign Guide

When invading Karrns burnt Shadukar to the ground, the citizens of Aruldusk feared their city would fall next. These fears were never realized. Years later, when Cyran and Brelish attacks drove the garrison from Arythawn Keep, Aruldusk again feared an attack that never came. In short, Arulduskans have much to be thankful for.

Aruldusk receives a lot of visitors thanks to the lightning rail that passes through. The rustic town has blossomed into a quaint city that caters to tourists with a plethora of taverns, inns, shops, merchants’ carts, and farmers’ wagons.

Outside of the tourist quarter, Aruldusk is a peaceful settlement. Commoners lead a simple life, attending services as the local Silver Flame cathedral and catching up on the latest rumors and gossip. Adventurers looking for trouble might find a rowdy gathering of shifter nomads living on the outskirts of the city. The Arulduskans have little patience for the shifters and would love to point the PCs in their direction.

Source: Five Nations

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