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Far Go Traders is a merchant house of the New California Republic, tracing its roots to the 22nd century and the thriving trade that developed among the communities of New California.

Junktown is one of the smaller towns in southern California. As of 2186, Junktown is part of the New California Republic state of Shady, along with Shady Sands.


Junktown was founded shortly after the War by Killian Darkwater's grandfather.[1] Instead of building on the ruins of an old town, he thought it would be better to begin from the ground up. As the name suggests, it was built after the Great War out of random pieces of junk, mostly from wrecked cars. The town mostly lives off of trading and has a reputation for open hospitality.[2][3]

In 2161, the mayor of Junktown was Killian Darkwater, grandson of the town's founder, who also ran Darkwaters General Store. Another big player in the town was Gizmo, a big-time crook and casino owner. While Gizmo's Casino brought a lot of tourists and money into the town, problems also came with it. Other important places in Junktown at that time included the Crash-House Inn, home to the Skulz, and the Skum Pitt, a bar owned by Neal. Doc Morbid was the town's doctor. Tycho, a Desert Ranger, also resided in Junktown for a while at that time.

Drawing weapons in town are not permitted except in self-defense. The gates to the town are closed at night. Lars headed the guards in Junktown, working for Killian Darkwater. The gates were guarded by Kalnor. They also had a jail, which was guarded by Andrew. The guards were aware of the illegal activities of Gizmo and the Skulz, but they didn't want to act without proper evidence. Gizmo hired a man to assassinate Killian, in order to gain full control over the town. It is not explicitly stated in Vault Dweller's memoirs which side the Vault Dweller sided with, as it alludes to both Killian and Gizmo.[4]

After 2186, Junktown became part of the New California Republic as part of the state of Shady and was one of the first provisional states. Its status came as a result of it being one of the first and most trustworthy of Shady Sands' trading partners during its early formative years. Its alliance with the NCR did cause some alarm from the caravans in the Hub at first, but the Hub eventually became part of NCR as well.[5]

By 2281, Junktown would prosper into a farming community, with Frank Weathers known to have a 100 acre farm.[6] However, he would abandon his farm, bringing his entire family, in a vein attempt to strike at rich by gambling in New Vegas.[7]

Grilled mantis is a food item which restores health, but also increases the player character's radiation level.

Rank 1: Enter a trance to explore incorporeal!

(In order to enter the trance, you must first decide with the GM on a consumable item. You will have to imbibe enough of said item to "pass out" or "crossover". The number of doses required will vary depending of the strength of the item and character!)