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Edge List

Game Mechanics


Below are alphabetized lists of all Edges available to Novice and Seasoned heroes.

Edge Requirements Summary
Alertness N +2 to Notice rolls.
Ambidextrous N, A d8 Ignore –2 penalty when making Trait rolls with off-hand.
Arcane Background N

Allows access to an arcane background such as Blood Magic, Magic, Miracles, Magewright or Shamanism. See Arcane Powers for more.

Arcane Resistance N, Sp d8 Arcane skills targeting the hero suffer a −2 penalty (even if cast by allies!); magical damage is reduced by 2.
Improved Arcane Resistance N, Arcane Resistance As Arcane Resistance except penalty is increased to −4 and magical damage is reduced by 4.
Aristocrat N +2 to Common Knowledge and networking with upper class.
Athlete N, St d6, Athletics d8 Free rerolls on climbing, swimming, jumping, grappling, pushing, or tripping.
Attractive N, V d6 +1 to Performance and Persuasion rolls.
Very Attractive N, Attractive +2 to Performance and Persuasion rolls.
Berserk N After being Shaken or Wounded, melee attacks must be Wild Attacks, +1 die type to Strength, +2 to Toughness, ignore one level of Wound penalties, Critical Failure on Fighting roll hits random target. Take Fatigue after every five consecutive rounds, may choose to end rage with Smarts roll –2.
Brave N, Sp d6 +2 to Fear checks and –2 to rolls on the Fear Table.
Brawny N, St d6, V d6 Size (and therefore Toughness) +1. Treat Strength as one die type higher for Encumbrance and Minimum Strength to use weapons, armor, or equipment.
Charismatic N, Sp d8 Free reroll when using Persuasion.
Elan N, Sp d8 +2 when spending a Benny to reroll a Trait roll.
Fame N +1 Persuasion rolls when recognized (Common Knowledge), double usual fee for Performance.
Famous S, Fame +2 Persuasion when recognized, 5× or more usual fee for Performance.
Fast Healer N, V d8 +2 Vigor when rolling for natural healing; check every 3 days.
Fleet-Footed N, A d6 Pace +2, increase running die one step.
Luck N +1 Benny at the start of each session.
Great Luck N, Luck +2 Bennies at the start of each session.
Quick N, A d8 The hero may discard and redraw Action Cards of 5 or lower.
Rich N Character starts with three times the starting funds and a $150K annual salary.
Filthy Rich N, Rich Five times starting funds and $500K average salary.
Edge Requirements Summary
Blind Fighting N, Notice d8 Ignores all Illumination and blindness penalties to attack, Test, Support, or activate powers on targets up to 3" away.
Block S, Fighting d8 +1 Parry, ignore 1 point of Gang Up bonus.
Brawler N, St d8, V d8 Toughness +1, add d4 to damage from fists; or increase it a die type if combined with Martial Artist, Claws, or similar abilities.
Bruiser S, Brawler Increase unarmed Strength damage a die type and Toughness another +1.
Brutality N, St d8, Fighting d8 +When wielding a melee weapon with two hands, the hero increases its damage die one type.
Calculating N, Sm d8 Ignore up to 2 points of penalties on one action with an Action Card of Five or less.
Combat Reflexes S +2 Spirit to recover from being Shaken or Stunned.
Counterattack S, Fighting d8 Free attack against one foe per turn who failed a Fighting roll.
Dead Shot WC, N, Athletics or Shooting d8 On first successful Athletics (throwing) or Shooting roll, double damage when dealt a Joker.
Dodge S, A d8 −2 to be hit by ranged attacks.
Improved Dodge S, Dodge +2 to Evasion totals.
Double Tap S, Shooting d6 +1 to hit and damage when firing no more than RoF 1 per action.
Extraction N, A d8 One adjacent foe doesn't get a free attack when you withdraw from close combat.
Improved Extraction S, Extraction Three adjacent foes don't get free attacks when you withdraw from combat.
Feint N, Fighting d8 You may choose to make foe resist with Smarts instead of Agility during a Fighting Test.
First Strike N, A d8 Free Fighting attack once per round when foe moves within Reach.
Free Runner N, A d8 Ignore Difficult Ground and add +2 to Athletics in foot chases and Athletics (climbing).
Frenzy S, Fighting d8 Roll a second Fighting die with one melee attack per turn.
Hard to Kill N, Sp d8 Ignore Wound penalties when making Vigor rolls to avoid Bleeding Out.
Improvisational Fighter S, Sm d6 Ignore –2 penalty when attacking with improvised weapons.
Iron Jaw N, V d8 +2 to Soak and Vigor rolls to avoid Knockout Blows.
Killer Instinct S The hero gets a free reroll in any opposed Test he initiates.
Level Headed S, Sm d8 Draw an additional Action Card each round in combat and choose which one to use.
Improved Level Headed S, Level Headed Draw two additional Action Cards each round in combat and choose which one to use.
Marksman S, Athletics or Shooting d8 Ignore up to 2 points of penalties from Range, Cover, CalledShot, Scale, or Speed; or add +1 to first Athletics (throwing) or Shooting roll. Character may not move or fire greater than RoF 1.
Martial Artist N, Fighting d6 Unarmed Fighting +1, fists and feet count as Natural Weapons, add d4 damage die to unarmed Fighting attacks (or increase die a step if you already have it).
Martial Warrior S, Martial Artist Unarmed Fighting +2, increase damage die type a step.
Mighty Blow WC, N, Fighting d8 On first successful Fighting roll, double damage when dealt a Joker.
Nerves of Steel N, V d8 Ignore one level of Wound penalties.
Improved Nerves of Steel N, Nerves of Steel Ignore up to two levels of Wound penalties.
No Mercy S +2 damage when spending a Benny to reroll damage.
Opportunist N, Athletics d6, Notice d6 Attacks (including free attacks) against Prone or Distracted targets gain +1 to attack and damage rolls.
Protector N, Sp d6, Notice d6 With a shield, adjacent allies gain +1 parry. May fling self in the way of an attack.
Rock and Roll! S, Shooting d8 Ignore the Recoil penalty when firing weapons with a RoF of 2 or more. Character may not move.
Skirmisher N, Sp d6, Battle d6 Grants +2 Gang Up bonus to allies.
Spot Weakness N, Sm d8 Roll Notice or Battle opposed by the target's Smarts. If successful, the target is Vulnerable to character until the end of the scene.
Steady Hands N, A d8 Ignore Unstable Platform penalty; reduce running penalty to –1.
Sweep N, St d8, Fighting d8 Fighting roll at –2 to hit all targets in weapon's Reach, no more than once per turn.
Trademark Weapon N, d8 in releated skill +1 to Athletics (throwing), Fighting, or Shooting total with a specific weapon; +1 Parry while weapon is readied.
Improved Trademark Weapon S, Trademark Weapon The attack and Parry bonus increases to +2.
Two-Fisted N, A d8 Make one extra Fighting roll with a second melee weapon in the off-hand at no Multi-Action penalty.
Two-Gun Kid N, A d8 Make one extra Shooting (or Athletics (throwing) roll with a second ranged weapon in the off-hand at no Multi-Action penalty.
Edge Requirements Summary
Command N, Sm d6 +1 to Extras’ Shaken or Stunned recovery rolls.
Command Presence S, Command Increase Command Range to 10″ (20 yards)
Hold the Line S, Sm d8, Command +1 to Extras' Toughness in Command Range.
Inspire S, Command Once per turn, the hero may roll his Battle skill to Support one type of Trait roll, and apply it to everyone in Command Range
Natural Leader S, Sp d8, Command Leadership Edges now apply to Wild Cards.
Tactician S, Sm d8, Command, Battle d6 Draw an extra Action Card each turn that may be assigned to any allied Extra in Command Range.

("AB" is abbreviation for Arcane Background.)

Edge Requirements Summary
Artificer S, AB Allows user to create Arcane Devices.
Channeling S, AB Reduce Power Point cost by 1 with a raise on the activation roll.
Concentration S, AB Double Duration of non-Instant powers.
Gadgeteer S, AB (Magewright), Magewright d6 Spend 3 Power Points to create a device that replicates another power.
Holy/Unholy Warrior S, AB (Miracle), Faith d6 Add +1 to +4 to Soak rolls for each Power Point spent.
Illusionist N, AB, Sm d8 When activating confusion, disguise, or illusion, a simple success is enough to manifest the power effects as if it was a raise.
New Powers N, AB Your character knows two new powers.
Power Points N, AB Gain 5 additional Power Points, no more than once per Rank.
Power Surge WC, N, AB, arcane skill d8 Recover 10 Power Points when dealt a Joker in combat.
Rapid Recharge S, Sp d6, AB Recover 10 Power Points per hour.
Soul Drain S, AB, arcane skill d10 Recover 5 Power Points for a level of Fatigue.
Wizard S, AB (Magic), Spellcasting d6 Spend 1 extra Power Point to change a spell’s Trapping.
Trickster N, AB, Sm d8 When performing Test or Support with arcane skill, character may affect target with the power Glow, Hinder, Hurry, or Shroud.
Edge Requirements Summary
Ace N, A d8 Character may spend Bennies to Soak damage for his vehicle and ignores up to 2 points of penalties.
Acrobat N, A d8, Athletics d7 Free reroll on acrobatic Athletics attempts.
Combat Acrobat S, Acrobat −1 to hit with ranged and melee attacks.
Assassin N, A d8, Fighting d6, Stealth d8 +2 to damage foes when Vulnerable or assassin has The Drop.
Blade Lore N, Fighting d8, Bladeservant Gains history and knowledge after studying a bladed weapon.
Hunter N, Common Knowledge d6, Notice d8 +2 bonus to knowledge, networking, resisting intimidation, fear, and special abilities from a class of creature.
Investigator N, Sm d8, Research d8 +2 to Research and certain types of Notice rolls.
Jack-of-all-Trades N, Sm d10 Gain d4 in a skill (or d6 with a raise) until replaced.
McGyver N, Sm d6, Repair d6, Notice d8 Quickly create improvised devices from scraps.
Mentor N, Sp d6, Academics d6, Persuasion d8 When boosting an Ally, bonus is increased by +1.
Mr. Fix It N, Repair d8 +2 to Repair rolls, half the time required with a raise.
Scholar N, Research d8 +2 to any one "knowledge" skill.
Soldier N, St d6, V d6 Strength is one die type higher for Encumbrance and Min Str. Reroll Vigor rolls when resisting environmental Hazards.
Thief N, A d8, Stealth d6, Thievery d6 +1 Thievery, Athletics rolls made to climb, Stealth in urban environments.
Trickster N, AB, Sm d8 When performing Test or Support with arcane skill, character may affect target with the power Glow, Hinder, Hurry, or Shroud.
Woodsman N, Sp d6, Survival d8 +2 to Survival and Stealth in the wilds.
Edge Requirements Summary
Bolster N, Sp d8 May remove Distracted or Vulnerable state after a Test.
Common Bond WC, N, Sp d8 The hero may freely give her Bennies to others.
Connections N Contacts provide aid or other favors once per session.
Humiliate N, Taunt d8 Free reroll when making Taunt rolls.
Menacing N, See text +2 to Intimidation.
Provoke N, Taunt d6 May "provoke" foes with a raise on a Taunt roll. See text.
Rabble Rouser S, Spirit d8 Once per turn, affect all foes in a Medium Blast Template with an Intimidation or Taunt Test.
Reliable N, Sp d8 Free reroll when making Support rolls.
Retort N, Taunt d6 A raise when resisting a Taunt or Intimidation attack makes the foe Distracted.
Streetwise N, Sm d6 +2 to Common Knowledge and criminal networking.
Strong Willed/td> N, Sp d8 +2 to resist Smarts or Spirit-based Tests.
Iron Will S, Brave, Strong Willed The bonus now applies to resisting and recovery from powers.
Work the Room N, Sp d8 Once per turn, roll a second die when Supporting via Performance or Persuasion and apply result to additional ally.
Work the Crowd N, Work the Room As above, but up to twice per turn.
Edge Requirements Summary
Beast Bond N The hero may spend Bennies for animals under her control.
Beast Master N, Sp d8 Animals like your hero and he has a pet of some sort. See text.
Champion N, Sp d8, Fighting d6 +2 damage vs. supernaturally evil creatures.
Danger Sense N Notice roll at +2 to sense ambushes or similar events.
Healer N, Sp d8 +2 to Healing rolls, magical or otherwise.
Liquid Courage N, V d8 Alcohol increases Vigor a die type and ignores one level of Wound penalty; –1 to Agility, Smarts, and related skills.
Scavenger N, Luck May find a needed item once per encounter.


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