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Session 18: The Gala


Continued from Session 17: Inklings.

Tor'in and Meriel arrived at the Fournius Remembrance Ball early, disguised as servants. The event was held at an eighty foot tower in the wealthy Wyvern Towers neighborhood, its great height reinforced by the magic of the Magewrights. They met with the House Fournius head steward, Edmonde d'Fournius. He was earlier informed by the Vigilants that the two would be working undercover. He assigned them to work with and distribute linens and napkins so they would be able to move about the ballroom and other rooms.

Meanwhile, Ren and his brother Nieznane prepared themselves to help work the security for the ball. Karl was applying make up to create a fake scar on his face. At the ball, one of the Fournius house guards, Bertram, gave them directions on how to check attendees. It was clear from the way he talked to the two Vorkur brothers that he did not think highly of their intellect. Ren didn't act in any way to correct him. Ren noticed that the other house guard, Jens, was surreptitiously drinking from a flask of some kind while patrolling the ball room.

After Ren told Meriel what he saw, she and Tor'in decided to investigate. With Tor'in causing a distraction of dropped linens, Meriel was able to grab Jen's flask from his inside coat pocket with noticing. She quickly took a little sip to discover it was whiskey, and then placed it back where she found it. Jens was none the wiser.

Guests began arriving, some fashionably early. Among them was the young lady Cordia fae'Fournius er'Amatus, and Kaeso Er'Amatus who seemed protective of her. An elf named Lit'ta and listed as a Hero of Viterbo arrived with a pair of fine elven swords that she was reluctant to give up. Tor'in saw her arrive, and made sure to tell Ren to be very careful with her weapons.

Amos and his family arrived. His father Liam was in a dashing suit from Cute As A Button, but a little nervous about being there, and spent his time critiquing the quality of the pastries. Early in the ball as guests were still arriving, Edmonde fetched Amos at the request of Lady Zara fae'Fournius. Amos met her in the dressing rooms backstage, behind where the musicians were playing.

Lady Zara told Amos that she had information about his mother's death five years ago, and told him that would really happened was covered up. She said that Trisa Crow was actually at the Imperial Docks and interrupted an attempted heist of Arcstone. She also said that the Imperial family covered up the death of the emperor's emperor's brother, Aleron er'Ceasian. Lady Zara had reason to believe that he was killed the same day, but High Keeper Sidonia Sadafi helped to cover it up and make his death appear much later. Lady Zara gave Amos records about his mother's death and her Vigilant assignment on the day of her death. One copy was the original, and the other was edited. Both were signed by Constable Surt.

Continues in Session 19: The Catch.

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