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Welcome to the Vigilants.  You are one of the thousands of people living in the imperial capital of Sentra, the jewel of the Empire. For some of you, this is home, a comfortable and familiar place you've known your entire life.  For others, the city is only a brief stop ...

Usuń reklamy, subskrybując Kankę albo używając doładowując kampanii.

Welcome to the Vigilants. You are one of the thousands of people living in the imperial capital of Sentra, the jewel of the Empire

For some of you, this is home—a comfortable and familiar place you've known your entire life.  For others, the city may only be a brief stop, perhaps one of many in your travels.  But regardless of how you came here, you share the same streets.

Depending on who you are—and where you live—Sentra can be a beautiful city of wonder and splendor. Yet that perfect city is only what many people see on the surface.  There are those that understand there is more to the city, that there are flaws in it that run deeper than what most will see.  There are those that know what lies beneath.

The Story

Tor'in met with Oak and Alcor Aquilla to find what they had learned about Oswin and the Hammerfall. Oswin was known to be hoarding the last of the Bane that was made by Sana Eillar. Oak and Alcor found some suspicious activity between Rattlestone and the Bazaar at an old abandoned tomb. In the middle of the Week of Remembrance, one of the most important holy days of Lotrad and her Keepers, there were six Keepers just standing around the tomb, doing patrols. Under the robes, they appeared to be armed. There was no clear connection to Oswin, but Oak and Alcor both thought it might be worth checking out.

After Tor'in caught up with the rest of the group, they filled him in and then took Emlyn to stay with Ragor. The told the orc that Emlyn is a witness to some of Hammerfall's action, but it couldn't be brought to the Vigilants yet.

the group laid in wait around Emlyn's house in the Warrens. Late around 9:30 that night, three men approached the house.  Ren leapt from the roof he was hiding on and landed within their midst. With a threatened gesture of his over-sized hammer, he cowed the three men. One of them was a forger named Vano, come to collect on a debt he felt Emlyn owed him.  Emyln—or at least someone that looked like him—got a forged work permit last night to allow him to leave the Warrens. Vano said he used the name Galerius and the work permit was for in Darin's Folly.  Before Vano was sent on his way, Amos made sure to get a business card.

The group heads east to Darin's Folly and the Dark Horse Den. After exploring the ground floor, they move upstairs. Keen ears picked out a repeating thumping sound from one of the rooms. The door was locked, but was kicked open. Inside, the body of Allan, Kennick's old friend from when they were both Eyes of Fate, was on the floor.  The thumping sound had stopped, but Ren discovered a secret door that opened to reveal Nieznane hiding inside a bolt hole.

From Kith's story, she hid when she heard Allan and someone else talking outside the door—something they had worked out earlier. Kith did not recognize the voice, but it sounded like a woman.  The woman offered Allan some tea, and then there was the sound of something hitting the ground. The woman continued talking, but then she stopped and Kith heard a man's voice. She didn't recognize the language at first, but recognized it as orcish when Ren spoke. Kith says she thinks she would recognize the voice if she heard it again.  Kith mentioned that she and Allan were supposed to see Kennick in the morning; Allan wanted to introduce her, and help his friend with a speech.  Kith said that this happened about an hour ago.

A few drops of blood were found outside on the balcony. The murderer most likely left from the balcony and not the door.  Ren noted that there were more symbols around the body then there were at the scene of Thea's murder. There was also less blood on the floor. Signs of the tea were found, and appeared to be the same Redroot and Thawmallow combination. 

Oak, Tor'in, and Crow took Kith to Kennick at the Giving Hands. Meriel and Ren stayed behind, and talked to Ursa at the front desk. She was familiar with Allan, but had not seen much of Kith except when they first arrived. Ursa said that Allan arrived that night with a short young human woman with dark red hair, who Ren feels was Braelyn. Ursa did not see the woman leave.

House Ceasian is the current imperial family.  Their reign began with Emperor Cessius er'Ceasian in 977 AE.

Emperor Hadrianus er'Ceasian took the throne after the passing of his grandfather Polonius er'Ceasian in 1191 AE. His father, Traianus er'Ceasian had died earlier.

There are currently two brothers that are contenders for the throne, Princes Barnabus and Tobias.  They are the nephews of the current emperor and their father Aleron er'Ceasian was the younger brother of Emperor Hadrianus.  The emperor's only progeny, Prince Cephius died in infancy.

The Week of Remembrance is a seven-day festival, a time to celebrate and honor the ancestors and the respected dead, that falls on the last Sunis in the month of Aprivius.  Although primarily an observance of the Keepers, many other religions and organizations follow the holiday.  The Aldarites and Imperial family use the time to promote the great leaders of the past, Kolrehsans remember those that have fallen in battle, and the Elves build small shrines to their ancestors and loved ones no longer with them.

In Sentra, the first day of the festival is started with a family dinner, with extra portions being set aside for those that have died.  As the sun sets, people stand outside holding traditional candles while a procession of Keepers walks through the city streets.  They pray and chant and sing, asking that any spirits that come to visit over the week are benevolent and remember their loved ones with kindness, and that those still living honor the dead in return.  This is supposed to be a time when the veil between the living and the dead is weaker, and although rare, it is not unheard of for a spirit to cause some havoc through the night.  The Keepers are very quick and very firm about putting an end to any such occurrences, although there are always children and teenagers that put on a mask and run around as mischief makers that lay the blame on restless spirits.

The City

Read about life in the city and the neighborhoods and people that live in them:  City Life


The heart of the Cornerstone neighborhood is Circle Plaza, an open plaza where all major neighborhood streets radiate out from.  It is used for local celebrations and festivals throughout the year.  When Circle Plaza is not otherwise in use, it is a common area to find children playing during the day.  Much of the neighborhood is divided up into smaller residential cul-de-sacs with ivy-covered walls.

Places of Interest

Sunflower Cafe is a small bakery that serves warm pastries and hot tea.

There is a ten foot statue of Emperor Imperius I erected south of Circle Plaza. It's location marks the apocryphal place where he was born.

Ren has been raised on stories of his family in the Imperial Watch enough that he wants to be the kind hero his Great Grandfather was.  He was able to use his great grandfather’s name to actually get into the Watch, but quickly felt disheartened.  No one seemed to really care about justice like his great grandfather.  Add to this the mocking that he often receives being a mix of two "lesser" races, and Ren quit the Watch.  He probably would have happily joined the Vigilants except he has been many stories from the Watch and his family that do not paint them in a good light. Now that he is no longer with the Watch, Ren tries to work as a kind of vigilante in the poorer districts like the Warrens, hoping the Watch will notice his good work and ask him to come back.

Ren has been sheltered by his family's above average status and shaped by their stories which makes him a little naïve on how things work in the real world.  He also tends to be a little clumsy (He tends to break cobblestones when dropping his mace.)  Despite his size and appearance he is absolute rubbish at intimidation and persuasion.  Still, he is driven in the pursuit of justice, and is more than okay with bending the rules to see it done.  He considers himself heroic, aiding those that need it and helping them find justice too.  Despite being actually less than half elvish, he tends to take after that side of his family in his looks.  He is tall with long lanky hair and skinny for someone of orc blood, although still well muscled.  He could possibly be considered attractive if one also liked green skin and prominent canine teeth.

The Imperial Army consists of troops that report directly to the throne, rather than those that belong to provinces or governors elsewhere in the empire. The troops are typically infantry, cavalry, and battlemages, and are a standing army, meaning they are always active.

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