A singular place in all of Kälran remains completely untouched by the elements, blessed perhaps by Rae herself: the Cavern of Tranquility, or Rae's Gift as it is called by Her worshipers, is an extremely large verdant cave situated north of Borealis, only reachable from atop Darsöm's Peak.

Home to a few unique species of plant and animal life, everything found here is deeply cherished and safeguarded by the Order of the Luminous. Patches of lush mossy grass covers the ground that the fauna seldomly feasts upon.

Disciples of Rae make pilgrimage to this holy sanctum every year, seeking guidance from their God, and paying in reverence by prayer and admiration for the beauty of the cavern. Stepping into the warmth and lifefulness is a stark contrast to the world outside, and arouses a feeling of luminosity out of the numinous. It is one of a few locations where the presence of the Gods is truly felt, and a respite from all that has been endured can be savoured for a brief while.


The true length of the cavern remains a mystery to most outside the leaders of the Order of the Luminous, but the general belief is it reaches as deep and wide as the mountain it sits within, if not even further.

An inviting opening presents itself as the initial sight upon reaching the top of the mountain, but it is before then when the sounds of peaceful and thriving life greets travellers to this site. Formations such as stalactites and stalagmites trim the edges of the vast cave, with a central pillar extending into the gap as if reaching upwards to Rae.

Ice and snow melts between the cracks above by the energies contained inside, causing fresh waterfalls and small rivers to flow through and down.

Fauna & Flora

Golden Berry, suitably nicknamed Berraes, remain a staple fruit eaten by the animals inhabiting the cave and grow in bushes scattered along the waterways.

Tranquil Tree, or Tranquils for short, are found much deeper inside, and are named for their serene appearance directly after the cavern itself. Gold Leaf hides the existence of the animals making their nests, and it can be harvested for use in the creation of extravagant pieces of clothing, but also for employment in some alchemical concoctions and ceremonies.

The Yellow Raven, colloquially known as the Raeven, is a special breed of raven native to the Cavern of Tranquility. Yellow feathers with an almost ethereal-like quality and harmonious sounding caws grants these birds a treasured status to the devoted. As they fly throughout and perch themselves on the pilgrims' shoulders they quickly become friends and good company to those that have journeyed here.

The Dar Squirrel, also referred to as the Darsq, is the last remaining type of squirrel found only within and around the cavern. They would otherwise be indistinguishable from the landscape outside, but inside they present themselves as feisty and protective critters especially noticeable to passersby. Their frequent excursions outside are actually how this place was first discovered.

Natural Resources

Lit at all times, the cave is kept alight by a rare mineral named Raerite decorating the walls. These sun-soaked shards absorb the natural light around them, bouncing off of each other and keeping the entirety of the cavern bright and welcoming.

Raerite is also utilised by the elite of the Glacial Knights and the Order of the Luminous in their various activities, but has sanctioned use to prevent it from depleting before it can grow back.

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