Aberrations continue to defile Gwirand, infesting the land and all life upon it. At worst these creatures rot its crops, contaminate water supplies, and cause life to mutate in ways unimaginable before. At the very best those they come into contact become afflicted with abilities typically beyond those of mere mortals; enhanced strength, quickened reflexes, improved intellect, and in some unique cases: augmented supernatural or magickal affinity. Both a blessing and a curse, almost none remain untouched by them, leading to paranoia and hatred running rampant among the survivors.

Distrust and disdain overwhelms the thoughts of those that endure, making alliances scarce and ordinarily unlasting. There are however some working towards a better future, striving to right the wrongs of the past, and discern what had transpired half a century ago. They are known simply as: the Enchanted.

“We’ve... lost another outpost, Commander.” Warden Cyrel gravely revealed. “Which one?” sighed Dralebann as she scanned the sketched out map on the desk in front of her. “Rhahem.” muttered Cyrel, trying to not provoke the ire of Dralebann. “Just on the border of Wyceraven, Commander.” Her eyes snapped up to meet Cyrel’s, and she quickly ran over to the overlook, the Warden following in toe. “When?” Dralebann inquired as she scanned the horizon towards where Rhahem once stood. “T-two nights ago, C-Commander.” Cyrel stammered. “But that would mean--” before Dralebann could finish her sentence the signal fires were lit, the horns bellowed, and soldiers began to rally before their Commander.

Much of Gwirand’s history has been forgotten or lost since the Calamity, with few caring now about what had happened, and even fewer around with the capability to understand it. There were always those who did not see the arkane as arts to dabble in, but rather as a way of meddling with the natural order. The day the sun died and the earth shook these cynics took that as the proclamation they were right, and that chaos had finally prevailed. If only the truth were as simple as they would dare to believe...

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