1. Notatki

(ⅩⅤ) The Blacksmith


"Look!  The Blacksmith.  It represents Volkan, the God of the Forge.  See how the constellation is shaped like a hammer?

There's a legend of an old blacksmith who, in his prime, had been the master of his craft.  In all his long years, he never found a worthy apprentice and, fearing his knowledge and expertise would be lost, he prayed to Volkan for help.

The God of the Forge took pity on the old man, and in his forge he created a golem, a lifeless figure of iron that would follow the old smith's every command perfectly.  Volkan then transferred the spirit of the smith into the empty golem, and whisked it away to his secret workshop beneath the mountains of Thylea.

They say the old smith works there still, whistling and hammering away, joyfully crafting tributes to the Forge God, his skills untarnished by time."