1. Notatki

(ⅩⅠ) The Dragon


"The greatest constellation in the night sky is the group of bright stars called the Dragon."

"In the beginning, this land was populated only by the fey creatures: nymphs, centaurs, gygans, and satyrs.  The first of the civilised races to arrive on Thylea's shores were refugees and castaways, survivors of ships buffeted by the storms and whirlpools that protect these islands.  They carved out a meagre existance, living in tiny villages on the coast while the children of the Titans dominated the rest of the realm.

But then everything changed.  The Dragonlords, astride their legendary winged mounts, discovered this land.  With the power of the dragons, the native races were pushed back into the forests and steppes, and Thylea was claimed for the mortal settlers.

The constellation o the Dragon is a tribute to the victories of the Dragonlords, and a reminder that we are living in Thylea's Golden Age."