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Chapter 1 - Forgotten Lore (The Hand of Umberlee)

Guild Mission


After talks of mutiny, treason and coup, the party met with Blank and accepted the mission.

They decided that the first step to find more information about the Hand of Umberlee was to find Leonardo Kindhart, Captain of the White Sparrow, who was hired to lead them wherever they needed since Blankis expecting the artifact to be found at sea.

In the meantime, Kingswell Cooper had Herman, his familiar, try to find somebody who could potentially help them with their research.

Sadly, Leonardo Kindhart didn't have any more information than the party itself had. After some time, Herman came back with a young man dressed in mage clothes with disheveled brown hair named Sonder. Sonder suggested the party go to Candlekeep or to the Font of Knowledge in Waterdeep, an advice the party followed promptly.

The party ''persuaded'' Sonder to come with them by carrying him on the ship and bringing him with them despite his protestations.

Kingswell Cooper wanted Sonder (which he and the party called ''Thunder'' instead of Sonder) to be the cabin boy, but Leonardo Kindhart seeing him being seasick, he decided against the idea, given that he probably would be more trouble than help.

Sorrel'Svidal Farri took pity on Sonder and gave him some tips on how to make him feel better when feeling seasick while Kingswell Cooper and Ivinka had a moment at the front of the ship, where Kingswell Cooper lifted Ivinka up with her arms in the air as if she was flying. It is unknown to this day whether throwing her overboard crossed his mind or not at that time.

In the meantime, Rickard and Rex Underhand had fun ''Rick Rolling'' the waves behind the boat yelling very cool things like ''SHAKABRA''.

Sorrel'Svidal Farri, having some history in Waterdeep, decided to disguise themselves. With the help of Kingswell Cooperand Ivinka, Sorrel'Svidal Farri was turned into a beautiful lady before the group set foot in Waterdeep. In the meantime, Rickard saw a crab walking around with a knife, chasing Sonder around. Not recognizing Herman, he threw it overboard. Kingswell Cooperlater resummoned him, curious as to where he went and how he got so wet.

Once in Waterdeep, the party divided into two groups: one group that would conduct research, and another group that would try to find some contacts that would hopefully have some information to share.

The first group, consisting of Sorrel'Svidal Farri, Ivinka and Sonderheaded to the Font of Knowledge and began studying. Sonder and Sorrel'Svidal Farri hit the books, while Ivinka convinced someone to do it for her using her charms.

Wanting to make use of 'her' new disguise and Ivinka's abilities, Sorrel'Svidal Farri went about stealing things from a man by flirting with him and subtly taking things away from him while he was distracted.

Both Ivinka and Sorrel'Svidal Farri gave a nightly rendez-vous at the men, which they never went to, likely having the two men meeting each other instead.

At the end of the evening, the first group found for information the temple they were looking for The Splitting Jaws could be found somewhere deep beneath the Sea of Swords, somewhere near the Nelanther Isles. They will likely have to swim at extreme depths to find the artifact.

During that time, Rex Underhand, Rickard and Kingswell Cooper went to look for members of the Kraken SocietyThey ended up finding a lady covered in sea inspired tattoos that was a bit dismissive at first, but that they were able to convince in doing an exchange of information. She had them meet her at midnight for this exchange.

Since it was far from midnight, the three men decided to do a tavern crawl back to the Font of Knowledge, thus being pretty drunk when they joined back with their party.


Being completely drunk, Rickard decided to play a trick on Sonder. He shot the ceiling and threw the gun to Sonder who failed to catch it. The noise attracted the attention of pretty much everyone in the Temple of Oghma. The clerics in charge were very displeased with this behavior, but were not fooled by Rickard's attempt to frame Sonder given that they happened to know him very well. As a matter of fact, Sonder actually spends a lot of time at the Font of Knowledge and they know him to be a very quiet and shy individual. Because they were with Sonder, they didn't alert the authorities, but they had the party kicked out and asked them for a fifty gold donation for the repairs. Kingswell Cooper complained they were being ripped off, but still gave a hundred gold pieces, commenting how this ''tavern'' had really bad customer service.

The party left the Font of Knowledge and decided to go drinking some more while they waited for their meeting with the unnamed lady they had met earlier.

After a lot of ''persuasion'', the party had Sonder drink some alcohol, but his tolerance being very low, he got sick fairly quickly. The party rented a nice room in an aristocratic inn, choosing the Honeymoon Suite with a heart shaped bed and Rickard got Sonder a component's pouch since he didn't have any of his stuff, and he figured it would be best for him to have some stuff if he was going to go on a mission with them. Sorrel'Svidal Farridecided it would also be good to leave shackles to Sonder as well, for a reason that remains obscure to this day. Rex Underhand ordered his imp Bex to stay and observe Sonderfor the night while staying invisible.

Afterwards, the party headed back to meet the lady, who they learned was named Cordelia. She exchanged some information with Kingswell Cooper

From Cordelia.
''Sunken 15,000 feet beneath the Sea, where you might find the Children of Umberlee, 

Guarding a secret most deep, one that's not for you to keep --

Beware of the Curse of Irphong, An isle where you do not belong.

Eastwards is the way to go, from there… about 50 miles or so.’’


From Kingswell Cooper.

Drinking in the guild tavern, there was me having a drink with a Tabaxi,

He told me where he acquired a book of poems,

Rescued from a cargo ship with no name.

Hejlo Yao is the one to blame.

This book of poetry possessed quite a quirk, in it, names important to the black network.

At some point during the meeting, Bex contacted Rex to let him know that he saw Sonder wake up, cry a little, find the component pouch, then cast the sending spell. Shortly after, a man that Bex could describe to Rex and that Rex recognized as Landis.

The party, with the exception of Rexen, Sorrel'Svidal Farri and Rickard, went back to an inn for the night. Rickardended up passing out in one of the taverns and Sorrel'Svidal Farri decided to try to mess with him, while Rex Underhand agreed to spend some time with Cordelia to have some platonic kraken and chill time.

Equipped with the information they need to locate the artifact, the party could now be on the eve of their departure, but what they will choose to do next hasn't yet been revealed.

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