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A Vile Wake



Party got tp'ed. Heard the thing about an evil book. Got tp'ed into the abyss. Fought some creepy shit and talked some Kuo Toa, avoid killing them, and then killed the Lich, took the evil book. Did a ritual like babies not sacrifying their own life health and then killed the evil book.

@Phill as Rasheed, lv11 Assassin Rogue, LE

@A lingering memory. as Tomoe- 11 fighter- neutral

@Loric | William as Loric Paladin 13 LG

@Kathy as Leila, 12, Fighter, LG 

Stworzone przez itsmuddy 2 lata temu. Ostatnio zmienione przez itsmuddy 1 miesiąc temu