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Guild Mission


Party investigated missing elderly in the poor side of Scornubel. They tracked down that it was ilithids who were harvesting the elderly like fine wine. They found a secret crawl space in which the ilithuds were using to hide some bodies. They were able to decipher a note the that was left to inform the others of where to bring the bodies. Following the note they were lead to a cave and found they were walking into a trap. Being the skilled adventurers that the party is, they were easily able to dispatch a few groups of illithids in which proved quite meddlesome. After clearing out the cave they found the illithids were working with a beholder but were unable to determine for what or why. They think they have gotten rid of them for now….


@Luolang as Ophelia, Level 16

@Loric | William as Loric 12

@Nihl as Rigel Rime, level 12

@RiftNinja as Erizen, 14

@nickan as Merkin, 12

Stworzone przez itsmuddy 2 lata temu. Ostatnio zmienione przez itsmuddy 1 miesiąc temu