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A due to settle

Guild Mission


The party met up with Richter who told them of his plight, he explained that the silverhaired woman was his mentor Amanda Rizen and of the atrocities she commited. Afer a bit of preperations they set off towards the island where she was last seen. ON the island they communicated with one of Richter's contacts about the happenings in town, spoiler there were undead and nasty fog things, but Ophelia noticed a person eavesdropping. After a small pursuit they got the person and it turns out that said person was a person made ghoul. Ozrin did some mystic truthmaking ability and the ghoul spilled its beans before finally being set free of this mortal coil by Ophelia. They then went to where the ghoul said Amanda was, a mansion, via a hidden tunnel. After some investigation they found out that this part of town was under a mirage arcane. Quickly thereafter explosions could be heard with many people screaming. The party split up with Richter going to town and helping the townsfolk and the rest going to the root of the problem. After a couple of though and annoying fights they finally found the source of the problem and exterminated it, setting the town free but at a price.

@Doge as Ozrin, mystic (14)

@Luolang as Ophelia, Fighter (16)

@Loric | William as Loric, Paladin/Warlock (12)

@nickan as Merkin, Wizard/Cleric (12)

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