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Blood will tell - the rerun

Guild Mission


Party arrived to Waterdeep, facing no real resistance on the road besides a few bandits who promtly scattered when spotting them. After dealing with their rather distasteful employer, they proceeded to gather dirt on such by cajoling and bribing his servants. Upon getting a clearer picture of the situation, they proceeded to Goldenhearth and investigated for several days, for the villagers were protected from attacks by some strange supernatural phenomenon. It culminated in them finding out the local almost-revered historian at the edge of town was a Necromancer who, after fighting and taunting them a bit, teleported away when in danger of dying. Party then fled the town via 'alternate methods' post-haste, to avoid facing the wrath of several uninformed peasants.


@A lingering memory. (Yuuto)

@RiftNinja (Damon)

@Buront (Keryth)

@Loric | William (Loric)

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