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A Phlan Dessert

Main Campaign


This campaign is designed to be open world. Phlan is created as an open city, with multiple locations to be set up and players can visit at will both in sessions and in #phlan. Quests and sessions are open world, where they can be learned of, attempted, and completed at will in sessions, and enemies, loot, NPCs, allies, and the city as a whole persist between them. Areas are created as "Zones" similar to RPGs or MMORPGs where progress is made to slowly "complete" them.

The moonsea. The first arc of this campaign is focused primarily in Phlan, but includes the surrounding regions such as Thar, The Ride, the quivering forest, Iron route, and sorcerer's pyramid as well as locations connected to Phlan through intra and inter dimensional portals.

“Phlan. A city in transition. Today, with the death of Lord Protector Anivar Daoran, the Knight Commander Ector Brahms was declared Lord Regent for the Cinnabar throne. His grasp on the throne was tenuous at best however, and as such still acts as the Knight Commander of the shrinking organization, the Black Fists and has declared martial law upon the city.
For now, the citizens are kept in line if by nothing but fear. Chaos is barely contained by the diminished forces of the Black Watch, with their grasp on the New City being only in name, as riots burn down the Lyceum of the Black Lord.
Trade has all but stopped in Phlan, and now guilds vie for control of the city to compensate for lost incomes. Wages plummet, and prices of goods and services skyrocket and worst of all, construction has stopped.
Phlan is a lawless, shabby remnant of what it once stood for. For over a millenium it has endured decimation at the hands of its enemies; now it's ironic that it stands at the brink of ruin by its own hand.
But at the bring, there is potential. Phlan is a city in transition, rumors fly across Toril that nearby is the cache for the hoard of the dragon queen. Adventurers flock to Phlan, seeking riches, fame, or to profit off those foolish enough to search for the first. In the flood of seekers, comes the potential for change. Will Phlan rise and restore itself to its glory, or will it plummet over the brink? Phlan after all, is a city in transition


Adventurers from Lerwick are familiar with two NPCs, regardless of their affiliation with other factions. First is Knight Lieutenant Aleyd Bural- Aleyd is one of the few benevolent members of the Knights of the Black Fists. She has a keen mind, and no-nonsense personality but deep inside a soft heart. Her main objective was to do her job well in order to protect the people of the city. Aleyd did not suffer fools, and in her mind adventurers were the most foolish of fools.


The other familiar face that Lerwickians would recognize both in lerwick, Phlan, and the surrounding regions of both is the famed treasure huntress Veradda Stoor. Veradda is a happy-go-lucky dungeon delver and treasure huntress, who willingly pursues the biggest and greatest scores, less interested in the material gain, and more in building her reputation. While skilled and competent, her best resource and ally is the exorbitant amount of luck that she has. She often sends adventurers out on tasks to less important treasure sites to collect rumors or scraps of knowledge that might guide her to the Dragon Queen's hoard, leaving the actual treasure of those locations to be claimed by the adventurers.

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