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The Veil Guard Journal



There are a few bloodstains on some of the pages of this journal. The major part of the journal relays the boring day to day of the writer. It seems like the writer is guarding some prisoner who is brought to a variety of different locations, the amount of time spent in each place seems to vary. The most recent excerpt goes as follows:

They won’t make this guy talk. I don’t know why they keep trying. Even in this place, his will hasn’t shattered. By Shar, he may just not know anything. This is dumb. I know this is unrelated to our goals, so why is the Priestess of the Veil bothering with this? I know she said this helps strongly with some important ally she has, but still… I can imagine many more useful things to do than spend all day watching some dumbass dwarf. If she wants to further our goals, I’m sure there are better ways. I’m starting to think she’s either a genius, and I just don’t get it, or completely insane. Then again, maybe I’m underestimating how powerful that ally of hers could be. 

Days here are quite boring though. I can’t wait for the next rotation. I guess the torture provides some form of entertainment; Brad seems to love it so much. Personally, it creeps me out a bit. Although, he seemed less pleased after being bitten by these weird larvae things. Serves him right for not wearing his protection equipment. Why am I even writing all of this? I’ve never been one to write journals. This place is getting to me. I guess I was already saying goodbye to a part of my sanity and humanity the day I was made to guard this dwarf. It’s not like I have much in life to look forward to anyway…

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