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Day One
I suppose I should keep a record of what transpires on this... misadventure. I'm headed north, to silverymoon. There's something there that's drawing me to it, and I fear that it's not simply the grasp of Dendar on my mind, but something even more sinister. This may be my last journey, and it is worrying that someone as young as myself is considering a swan song so early in my life. Yet what else is there for me? I've adventured, and served, my entire life and not known peace. Settling down is something I seem incapable of doing, and even when I manage a semblance of it, my legacy is twisted and destroyed by others. Like The Adversary. I won't give her the respect of immortalizing her name in my work, but that devil has turned my dreams and ideals into a tortured mess that is the antithesis of what I strove for. Perhaps that is why I am plagued with nightmares. Regardless, we shall see what comes of this, and where my end lies.

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