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Aleyd Burral


Aleyd was always concerned with corruption inside the Black Fists and wanted to do something to unveil it. She found proof of a secret prison where her fellows tortured prisoners for sport and of bribery at Stojanow Gate. In 1489 DR, she was involved in a case of books stolen by a member of the Cult of the Dragon. Some time later, she decided to hire an adventuring party to investigate an overly long-running trial against the Cult member Spernik, who, despite being accused of stealing a book from Mantor's Library and instigating a red dragon to attack the city, was not yet condemned.

She soon became involved in a coup by Dragon Cultists in the city, as one of the leaders of the forces fighting against the cultists. Later, she sent the adventurers to free Lord Regent Brahms, gaining them time by fighting against corrupt Black Fists allied with the cultists.

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