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Anastaysia Chuvoskary


"My duty is to keep the peace. This does not give me the authority or privilege to choose which piece to keep." - Knight Commander Chuvoskary of the Lerwick Watch

Anastasia is a large and tall woman, standing around six foot four and weighing around one hundred and ninety eight pounds, her frame is brawny even underneath the mass of battered armour that she bears. Her auburn brown hair is cropped close to her scalp reminiscent of a military haircut one expects a soldier to have, matted down from where her helm spends too much time pressing the coif down upon it. Her eyes would be described as a piercing gaze, were it not for cloudy corneas turning what would be brilliant blue eyes into a more milky sky blue, giving the impression of tiredness and shortsightedness. Finally, the most distinguishing feature is that of a large brilliant scar, scoring down across half her face from brow to chin across her left eye. The burn forces her relaxed expression into a grimace, and leaves angry red skin behind. The rest of her expression is worn and tired, her skin drawn with the fatigue of someone who rarely smiles, and has seen far too much for the young years they have lived.
Her stance is confident, and shoulders squared, nearly as broad as half her height. Her armour is battered and worn, charcoal used to blacken the metal and keeping it from reflecting gleaming light, instead leaving a matte grey tarnish. The bare resemblance of a black clenched fist can be seen stamped upon the armour with a thorough investigation, though the sigil is faded and lost. The plates of the armour itself are dented and scarred, scratches and dings marring the surface of the metal. She walks with a limp, favouring her right leg and ankle, leaning heavily on what's available. At her side rests a mace of solid obsidian black iron, and leaning against her shoulder carried in the crook of her elbow is a thick five and a half foot long shaft of wood bearing a furled banner. A shield hangs from its straps off her back, clanking against the metal back plates of her armour as she moves. The faded faint embossing of a clenched black fist is barely visible on the shield's surface.


Born of Samantha of Hollybrook in Phlan, Anastasia grew up in the dockside district of the city. Life wasn't easy or plentiful, due to the oppressive nature of the Black Fists that ruled the city. However, during the Tyranny of Dragons, Phlan fell before the Cult of the Dragon and Vorgansharax the Maimed Virulence. As the Good adventurers and heroes were forced to retreat, a young Ana was caught with her mother when the Green destroyed their home. Trapped beneath a burning beam, Ana was forced to watch as her mother choked on the very air. When it seemed that she was destined to be consumed by flame, saviours came from the most unlikely source. The Black Fists. Two knights charged the Green, buying time for a third to lever out Ana from underneath the burning beam, though not before it claimed its permanent toll on her face. Carrying the child, the sole surviving knight Krulek made it to the docks with the remaining refugees, and fled the city with the girl. Ana watched from the deck of the refugee ship, as a ragged line of Black Fists Knights held their ground, buying time for the ships to escape the harbour. Evil. Greedy. Corrupt. Tyrannical. These are the words the world would lay at the feet of the Black Fist order. But as Ana stood and watched her city burn, she saw not Evil petty men, but Heroes. As the survivors regrouped in Mulmaster, Ana swore to retake her city, the child becoming a squire under Knight Krulek. Four years later, she took part in the Reclamation of Phlan, fighting with the rest of the Order. For her service, she was Knighted into the order, and received the surname Chuvoskary. After, she traveled westward on her journey, residing for a few years in a small town just within the shadow of the Greypeak Mountains, and that is truly where her adventures began.

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