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  • New shop system implemented


Homebrew Rules:

  1. Training Proficieny
  2. Studying spells during a fight
  3. Taming wildlife
  4. Long rest exhaustion (sleeping with armor)
  5. Hitting multiple enemies in combat
  6. Carrying system - updated, 14.4.22
  7. Downtime activities

Marlina is the daughter of Ezmeralda, her mother died before she gave birth, the necromancer Cultists from The Forsaken Chambers raised and experimented on her, Marlina grew up in the dungeon as a dead Elf, which makes her a Banshee but she also lives because of the necromatic magic that was used on her when she was still a fetus.

Marlina's lower jaw was ripped apart in an experiment, after they finished experimenting on her, the Cultists trapped her in a pocket of the Ethereal Plane inside the dungeon.

A manor on the eastern hill in Phandalin, once beloged to Aldith "Black Hawk" Tresendar. Now property of Phandalin.

FOR SALE: 30,000gp

This armor consists of a coat and leggings (and perhaps a separate skirt) of leather covered with overlapping pieces of metal, much like the scales of a fish. The suit includes gauntlets.