Birdy Allen was involved in top secret Karnathi experiments. He is aware that the purpose of his design is military use. However, he cannot recall any of his work. He found correspondence of previous missions, specifying use of his talents he didn't know he had. 

He firmly believes he is a masterpiece, that has been wronged. His now imperfect self, lashes out at others. Birdy Allen is very sadistic, he takes pleasure in doing what he was made for. 

Birdy Allen will hunt down the men in charge of creating him, and demand them to restore him to his glory. Birdy Allen is interested in Big Game, and will eventually go on to hunt for trophies. Birdy Allen has always been someone who received orders, and wishes to one day command forces for the might of Karnath.

My name is Birdy Allen, and i WAS the fastest birdforged alive. To the outside world I'm just a weirdly molded Envoy Warforged, but secretly I was part of a prototype design among 10 others that resulted in a dream for aerial conquest in the name of Karnath. I love the rush of battle, to excel above my competition. I hunted after those who would oppose Karnath's might, but in doing so was damaged and separated from my flock. I'm the height of Karnath's technology, so I will follow the tracks to regain my memory, and my flight.

Ruukosi guards the mouth of the Ruukosi River where that waterway spills under a natural arch and into the wide Jathara Sound below. The stronghold occupies the cliffs on both sides of the river, and the wondrous arch that bridges the river has been hollowed by muscle and mind to serve as a towering overlook. Monks here can see into Syrkarn when weather permits. Farther upriver, the Ruukosi widens and slows. There, the small Adaran town of Khada thrives not only on the abundant fish, but also on the farm goods grown on the narrow flood plain and hills near the river. Khada supplies the monks, and the monks in turn guard the town against the dangers of the mountains. Many Khadan youths are educated at the monastery, and some join the monks for good. Since it is the fortress closest to Xephanan, Ruukosi also enjoys a sizable population of xephs.