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  1. Personages

Alexios "The Mad Prince" Rivvermont


King Alexios Jarold Elric Slayton "The Mad Prince" Rivvermont of the Kingdom of Ri'En is the current King of RI'En. Alexios was born on the 1st Morndus of Mournswane 20BA to Queen Luisa and King Jarold Rivvermont. On the night of the fourth Morndus of Huntswax 5AR (see King Jarold Rivvermont's death), Alexios discovered his father's body at the bottom of the stairs. Since that day, Alexios hasn't been the same, claiming that Byron Horncloak was responsible for his father's death when Byron Horncloak married Queen Luisa shortly afterwards. King Byron Horncloak took the throne until such time that Alexios was able to rule.

Alexios' condition was seen to worsen as time passed, however, prone to outbursts at important public events (including his objection at the wedding of his step-sister, Kara, and King Alistair Sonnique), throwing street parties, throwing gold at people, burning down buildings and trashing places. He is also known for his drinking, drug taking, and prolific sex life. He is considered to be a very talented lute player, singer, songwriter, and dancer, having written and performed many popular tavern staples such as "Do Virgins Taste Better Than Those Who Do Not?", "The Dragon's Retort", and "Old Dun Cow" amongst many others. All of which made him ever popular with the common people, who started to refer to him with the affectionate monika of "The Mad Prince", shared with The Mad Prince tavern, which renamed itself to that after he burnt it down.

However, as a result of this behaviour, as well as his continued claims against King Byron Horncloak, and claims of multiple assassination attempts on his life, King Byron Horncloak and the Council of Nobles ruled that Alexios was insane and thus unable to take the throne when he came of age until his treatments were shown to be effective in curing his madness.

Following King Byron Horncloak's death during the Rivvermont Revolution, Queen Katraine Rivvermont took the throne, taking Alexios as her ward. Alexios was not seen publically again until Queen Luisa's Funeral. Following a group of adventurers otherthrowing Queen Katraine Rivvermont, he was crowned King of Mironia. Since taking to the throne, King Alexios has set about making radical changes to every aspect of life in the kingdom, reversing the laws against the draconic and the death penalty, and abolishing the use of currency in favour of a new system where resources are distributed based upon need, and everyone is provided with food, drink and shelter so as to live comfortably.

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