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The Kanka knowledge base, where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Can I have more than one campaign?

Can I create custom entity types?

Can a campaign be duplicated?

How can I backup or export my campaign?

What are Entity Pins?

Can I rename modules? For example Families into Clans, or Organisations into Factions?

Can I sync entities across multiple campaigns?

How can I run multiple groups in the same world?

How do I use filters?

Can I change nested lists to flat lists?

Attribute Templates, what are they?


Where to create Gods and religions?

How can I delete a campaign?

What are Attributes?

Can I copy entities accross campaigns?


Can I limit the information my players see in my campaign?

Can anyone see my world?


Character Age and Death

Maps & Locations

Can I upload maps to Kanka?

What can I do with Maps?


How can I delete my account?


Will the app stay free?

What are early access features?

What happens if premium features are removed from a campaign?

Do you have access to my credit card details?


Is there a mobile app? Is one planned?

What are the long term plans?

How often is the data on Kanka backed up?

How can I report a bug?

How can I help?