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The world of Maar is a medieval world, full of adventures and stories. In the year 1296 the evil lord Moloch unleashed his dragon army in an attempt to take over the northern most region of the land, Quora. The barbarian army managed to hold off the attack with too many losses. Moloch's body was never found. In the following years many shrines to moloch have risen, and a cult in his honor is attempting to call him from the depths of the abyss to come back and rule Maar. ...

Rimuovi le pubblicità abbonandoti a Kanka o potenziando la campagna

  • New shop system implemented. - Still in prototype

Homebrew Rules:

  1. Training Proficieny
  2. Studying spells during a fight
  3. Taming wildlife
  4. Long rest exhaustion (sleeping with armor)
  5. Hitting multiple enemies in combat
  6. Carrying system - updated, 14.4.22
  7. Downtime activities

Lola is an evocation master, originally from Niphil.

Her mother had to give her up for adoption when she was born, and left never to be heard from again. Ever since she was young, Lola had an interest in magic, she read in a library that there exists a powerful evocation spell called Telepathy, and she decided to pursue this spell in order to be able to communicate with her long lost mother.

She became a master of Evocation when the years passed, but she never managed to get her hands on that particular spell.

Thundertee was a peaceful village east of Neverwinter. Until the eruption of Mt. Hotenow that destroyed the entire village, living nothing but ruins behind.

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