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Gelfuril the Trader

Gelfuril, who runs this crammed shop, will sell or trade just about anything. He deals in barter as well as coinage, though he is adamant that he does not run a pawn shop. Much of his wares are old or heavily used, but his prices are very reasonable.

  • Address Smuggler's Run, Smuggler's Run, Southdocks, Dock Ward
  • Type Shop (General Store)
  • Price Range ⏺⏺🞅🞅🞅
  • Proprietor(s)

    Gelfuril the Trader, a soft-spoken, stout little man, is more than he appears. As locals will tell, he once felled a fleeing thief with a flame strike.

  • Work

    When all else fails, an adventurer can turn to an honest trade to earn a living. This activity represents a character's attempt to find temporary work, the quality and wages of which are difficult to predict.


    Performing a job requires one workweek of effort.


    To determine how much money a character earns, the character makes an ability check: Strength (Athletics), Dexterity (Acrobatics), Intelligence using a set of tools, Charisma (Performance), or Charisma using a musical instrument. Consult the Wages table to see how much money is generated according to the total of the check.


    Check Total    
    9 or lowerPoor lifestyle for the week
    10—14Modest lifestyle for the week
    15—20Comfortable lifestyle for the week
    21+Comfortable lifestyle for the week + 25 gp


    Ordinary work is rarely filled with significant complications. Still, the Work Complications table can add some difficulties to a worker's life. Each workweek of activity brings a 10 percent chance that a character encounters a complication.

    Work Complications

    *Might involve a rival
    1A difficult customer or a fight with a coworker reduces the wages you earn by one category.*
    2Your employer's financial difficulties result in your not being paid.*
    3A coworker with ties to an important family in town takes a dislike to you.*
    4Your employer is involved with a dark cult or a criminal enterprise.
    5A crime ring targets your business for extortion.*
    6You gain a reputation for laziness (unjustified or not, as you choose), giving you disadvantage on checks made for this downtime activity for the next six workweeks you devote to it.*