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Sarkt is an illithid sorcerer. It was cast out of its community for its heretical studies (Sarkt was, in fact, lucky to escape alive). It didn’t take the cunning creature long to pick up a few thralls and find a new place to live, safe from the murderous intentions of its comrades.

Sarkt dwells in the subterranean ruins of an ancient, abandoned shrine to Blibdoolpoolp, the crustacean-headed deity of the kuo-toas. This shrine lies on the fringe of a region controlled by the kuo-toas, but since Sarkt’s arrival, the fishmen avoid the area. A few unfortunate kuo-toas now serve Sarkt as thralls and maintain the illusion that the shrine still serves Blibdoolpoolp.

This uninhabited island supposedly hides the loot of two thousand years’ worth of pirate raids, and tombs even older than that, dating back to the original human settlement of the continent. Legends claim that the island was used as a hiding place for every kind of treasure—pieces of gold, dragonshards, relics—ever gathered in a pirate raid by the ancient Lhazaarite sea princes. Unfortunately, the island is surrounded by treacherous reefs and is home to all manner of terrible monsters and beasts, making landings difficult and prolonged searches dangerous at best and fatal in most cases. (ECS)

It’s said that the legendary pirate queen Lhazaar made her home on Trebaz Sinara, and that this island holds the treasures and tombs of generations of sea lords. However, the island hasn’t been seen in over five hundred years. Many Lhazaar sailors have devoted their lives to finding the legendary lost isle. (RftLW)

The island of Trebaz Sinara is surrounded by treacherous reefs and is home to terrible monsters, two factors that combine to leave the island uninhabited. Despite these dangers, however, the island (at least according to legend) has served a number of important purposes over the centuries. The first Sarlonan settlers of the area built tombs here, and indeed some of the monsters that attack visitors to the island, including both undead and construct guardians, seem to be connected to those crypts. In addition, countless pirates are said to have hidden their treasures on the island, but never returned to retrieve them. These tales strain the limits of credulity, but the number of people who claim to have returned from Trebaz Sinara with tangible proof of the wealth they found there is enough to ensure a steady stream of treasure-hunters. Most are not heard from again. (PgtE)

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