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The isolated Isle of Luachmhar (pronounced like 'Lockmer') sits now in the Irish Sea, a thin barrier against the progress of Norman expansion. The Vikings settled this land long ago, and still lay claim to its soil; but no king has truly conquered the teeming wilderness and independent spirit of its peoples. Longships often dash against the rocks which guard the island's shores, and far travelers speak quietly about the unspeakable dangers that lurk deeper into the land.

Residents of the island, though, find these tales laughable; it's a place to live, like any other. A number of small communities populate the island: Tullach Port, Inishmore, and Ballingort, made of a handful of clans each. There are also some eccentric and accepting folks in GlaisinkylIf one uses their wits, and trusts the wisdom of their fathers, they can avoid all of nature's pitfalls and reap her bounties. 

Reality, however, falls somewhere in the middle. The island's isolation makes it the ideal home for any folk who wish to avoid prying eyes; Faerie, Cambion, Nephilim, Genie, Werewolf, and even Vampire may be found along its shores (just to name a few). This has long been the case, and many otherwise mortal natives of the island have "supernatural" ancestors somewhere along their family line, even if they don't know it. 

However, wherever those of the "other side" congregate, so too do any number of maledictions, beasts, and demons. Far from the prying eyes of the mainland hunters, dangerous beings do indeed roam the island and its surrounding waters. Many wish the same as the human residents - for peace in isolation - but others seek strong prey, whether by way of flesh or of innocent souls. Such is life, though; if you're crazy enough to wander in the wilds at night, only God knows where you'll turn up.

And, of course, the Mountain holds its secrets; The Monastery guards the entrance to a Nexus, which The Slingers, a loosely organized cadre of mages, help to keep watch over. It calls upon otherworldly energies, allowing spirits to pass through into our world, as well as spreading Mana for mortal use. This Nexus is a battleground for power in the spiritual realm, and these beings often involve mortals in their struggles for control over the endless fountain of energy.

Medieval fantasy RP! Drama! Intrigue! Romance!

The system we're using is GURPS 4e, but we've tailored the experience to be a breeze for newbies and experienced players alike! Pretty much all source material is contained within Kanka (exception: spellcasting), so finding what you want will be a breeze.

Play-by-post. Living World. You know you're the hero in your own story, but are you the villian in someone else's? 

The communion wine burned my throat ... so the church turned me away.  It wasn't fair. I didn't ask for this.  Do you know what else isn't fair? If I hadn't been born into one of the more privileged families, I might have been abandoned or even killed just because of what I am.  Let's not even start talking about what might happen if all of my uncles were to find out what and what that means for our bloodline. I am the firstborn, but I'll never marry and I'll never inherit, no matter what my father thinks.  

[ His name is pronounced with a hard 'C.' ]

  • Height: 5'7''
  • Weight: 150 lbs. 
  • He has a scar on his eyebrow from being kicked by a horse at age 7. He's been nervous around horses ever since.
  • Red-heads are real real cute, and always manage to make his head turn.
  • Religious, even takes communion even though it fucks with him.
  • His smile pulls at one side of his face more than the other, which looks kind of goofy but cute. 
  • TBD
Vampiric BiteYou can bite people and drain their life force, healing your own wounds in the process. You can only feed if your victim is helpless (pinned, stunned, unconscious, etc.), grappled, or willing. If he is wearing armor, your biting damage must penetrate its DR. Once you’ve bitten through your victim’s DR, you can drain 1 HP per second from him. For every 3 HP stolen, you heal 1 HP or 1 FP (your choice). You cannot raise your HP or FP above normal this way.
UnagingYou never grow old naturally and cannot be aged unnaturally. Your age is fixed at any point you choose (the point at which you became a vampire) and will never change. You never have to make aging rolls. Your character's apparent age still has to be 18+. 
Detect Blood

You can detect a blood, even when it is shielded from the five human senses. This requires one second of concentration, after which the GM will secretly make a Sense roll for you (see Sense Rolls, p. 358). The range modifiers from the Size and Speed/Range Table (p. 550) apply. You may buy a special Acute Sense (p. 35) to improve the roll, thereby increasing your effective range.

On a success, the GM tells you the direction to the nearest significant source of blood, and give you a clue as to the quantity present. On a failure, you sense nothing. Detect also includes the ability to analyze what you detect. This requires an IQ roll; the better the roll, the more precise the details. For instance, you could tell human blood from animal blood on a successful IQ roll, and might learn details – such as whether the blood is in a living being or in a container, and the health of the source – on a critical success.

If someone is bleeding nearby, the GM might also roll for this sense to trigger passively.

Dark VisionYou can see in absolute darkness using your vampiric connection to shadow. You suffer no skill penalties for darkness, no matter what its origin. However, you cannot see colors in the dark.
Hard to Kill 3You are incredibly difficult to kill. You gain +3 to HT rolls made for survival at -HP or below, and on any HT roll where failure means instant death (due to heart failure, poison, etc.). If this bonus makes the difference between success and failure, you collapse, apparently dead (or disabled), but come to in the usual amount of time – see Recovering from Unconsciousness (p. 423). A successful Diagnosis roll reveals the truth.
Teeth (Fangs)Fangs: Inflict thrust-1 impaling damage. Roll vs. Brawling or Karate to hit. Your fangs retract into your gums, allowing them to pass for human canines without close scrutiny. You can pop them out at will, and they might pop out when you smell blood or get angry.
Silence +3You can move and breathe noiselessly. You get +6 to Stealth skill when you are perfectly motionless, or +3 if moving (even in armor, etc.). These bonuses help only in the dark, or against listening devices, blind creatures, and others who must rely on hearing to find you.
Doesn't BreatheYou do not need to breathe or require oxygen. Choking and strangulation attempts cannot harm (or silence!) you, and you are immune to inhaled toxins. You are still affected by contact poisons, pressure, and vacuum. You might choose to breathe anyway to help you appear human.
The FeedingWhen you feed on someone, you both gain 1 character point if it's their first time. Whenever someone willingly lets you feed on them, you both gain Leverage on each other.
InvitedPart of the code of conduct that your Maker instilled on you is to never enter a dwelling uninvited. Whenever someone invites you in, gain Leverage on them. You must roll against Will to be able to disobey this command.
Weakness to SunlightYou suffer injury merely by being in the presence of the sun. This injury comes off your HP directly, regardless of your DR or defensive advantages. Every minute you are exposed to direct sunlight, you take 1d damage. Indirect sunlight, such as that of an overcast day, does not negatively effect you, but rays of sunlight from an open window or door will damage you at the same rate as full exposure.
Duty (Compelled)Your maker holds supernatural sway over you, and can command you to do as they wish. If they use the phrase "As your maker, I command you," then you are compelled. You may roll Will to resist this effect, but the easiest way to avoid it is to flee far from your Maker. Your maker has instilled the following rules for the protection of all of vampirekind.
  • Never enter a dwelling uninvited.
  • If someone willingly lets you feed on them, then they are under your protection until the next sunrise.
  • Never attack a mortal under the care of another vampire.
Blood: Uncontrollable Appetite / Restricted DietYou consume human blood, and you have difficulty controlling your appetites. Whenever you have an opportunity to indulge, you must make a self-control roll. Roll at -2 if someone deliberately tempts you, or if human blood is available in large quantities within range of your senses. If feeding would restore lost HP, this roll is at -1 per missing HP. If you fail, you must feed. Make a second self-control roll to stop feeding once you have had your fill. If you fail, you go into frenzy and overindulge, which could kill your victim.

You require blood to sustain you. Unlike Dependency, you do not take damage if you go without... you just don't get any sustenance without, which will eventually incapacitate you. You can also try to sustain yourself by having a meal of people food served with any red beverage.   This sustains you, but you must make a HT roll after each meal. Failure means your HT attribute drops by one until you receive appropriate medical attention, and the meal did nothing for your hunger. Critical failure means an incapacitating reaction.
Supernatural features: No body heat, no reflection in silver mirrors, pallor

You have disturbing features that mark you as a vampire. You can pass for a normal mortal to casual observers, but closer inspection reveals that you are not quite right. This might give away your secret to the trained eye.

No Body Heat: You are cool to the touch. -1 on reaction rolls made by those who touch you, shake your hand, kiss you, etc.; +1 on all rolls to deduce your secret. You can gain warmth temporarily, and nullify this drawback, by feeding.

No Reflection in silver mirrors: You do not show up in silver mirrors. Some people will assume that you have no soul! -2 on reaction rolls made by those who notice; +2 on all rolls to deduce your secret.

Pallor: You look like a corpse, with bloodless skin, sunken eyes, etc. -2 on reaction rolls made by anyone who can see you without makeup in good light; +2 on all rolls to deduce your secret. You can gain the flush of life temporarily, and nullify this drawback, by feeding.

NocturnalYou are biologically nocturnal. During the day you are lethargic and slow; you take no penalties during the night. You may still keep a normal sleep schedule, but your body will have difficulty adjusting, and you will find yourself restless if you sleep during the night.
Secret: You're a vampire!You have a very dire Secret; that you are a vampire. Your Secret is so terrible that you might be executed by the authorities, lynched by a mob, or assassinated were it revealed. You would be hunted. When a Secret appears in play, it is not automatically made public. The GM will give you a chance to prevent your Secret from being revealed. This might require you to cave in to blackmail or extortion, steal incriminating documents, or even silence the person who knows the Secret. If your Secret is made public, it has lasting effect: you suddenly acquire new, permanent disadvantages – or lose advantages – worth 60 points! These new disadvantages replace the Secret on your character sheet, and reduce your point value accordingly. The GMs will decide these, but they are most likely Enemy (Church) and some other Disadvantage.
Vulnerability and Revulsion: Silver

Vulnerability. You take extra damage from silver. Whenever an attack made with a silver weapon hits you, the GM applies a special wounding multiplier of x2 to the damage that penetrates your DR. Regular wounding multipliers (for cutting, impaling, etc.) further multiply the damage.

Revulsion. When you make contact with silver, you must immediately make a HT roll. On a failure, you are at -5 to all skills and attributes for the next 10 minutes. If you ingest it, you are at -5 to attributes and -10 to all skills and Sense rolls for 10 minutes.

  • Talent: Vampire Skills +2 shadowing, stealth, sex appeal, intimidation, hidden lore (undead), artist (illusions), karate, brawling, carousing
  • Extra HP +4
  • Self Control +2
  • Will +1
  • Acute Taste & Smell +2
  • Compelled by True Name (-2)

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