1. Famiglie

Yaztós Elemtivals


Dato inserito

The Temper of Elemental Evil


Bold and brash, Ignizió's flair for the dramatic would not be denied by any, that is for sure. He boasts a frightening presence that makes himself well and truly known as he strolls through the streets of Nilince, acting as fiery as the flames flickering from his skin. Revelling in the welcome attention, Ignizió arouses fear in the common folk, bolstering the blazing grip he has around the isles. The other Elemtivals do not approve of Ignizió’s hubris however, as they know his incredibly intense eruptions of rage are a detriment to their malicious goals. After all, who wants to rule over a smouldering pile of ashes?

Contrastingly, Wiccatoré's speciality is lulling people into a false sense of security, as if tranquil waves suddenly flow through the minds of hir conquests. Marvellous charm with a great wit, and amazing charisma allows them to achieve hir ambitions. If not for hir mischievous intentions, ze could work wonders throughout the empire. Instead, ze uses persuasion and coercion to control people against their will. It would be ideal at times if Wiccatoré’s powers worked on Ignizió too, but the Elemtivals’ influence only works to synergise, and not counter one another generally, much to their own dismay.

Slow, steady, and from behind the scenes is Yocetta's modus operandi. Her machinations sometimes take years to unfold, but they are the most well thought out and likely to succeed of all of the Elemtivals. Subtle changes, insignificant gains, and occasionally what appears to be tactical defeats. Much mystery surrounds Yocetta’s true motives, but the balance shifts ever in her favour as she stays standing tall and out of view from the world, continuing to endure as if she were the earth itself. The most willing to aid her siblings, but no doubt only in order to achieve her nefarious plans whatever they may be.

Bewildering and turbulent, both Auria's emotions and her actions sway between the calm before, and the storm itself. The most powerful of the four Elemtivals, but also the most inexperienced and ruinous. A great burden rests on the shoulders of this one, one that by all accounts she does not wish to bear. Although Ignizió is prone to lashing out in bouts of fury when he does not get his own way, Auria differs in that she is unable to contain the raw energy coursing within at all. It is suspected Wiccatoré uses hir mastery of language to guide Auria in her naivety to do his bidding, and of course seldom provides the same courtesy to Ignizió and Yocetta. How many have died because of Wiccatoré’s words?

Whilst the four Elemtivals of the Yaztós family work together in their dealings through Dominio Nostro, they are at each other’s throats as much as they are not. Fortunately this gives the people of Sha'a-Ale a small respite from the anarchy wrought, at least when they are not caught in the crossfire. Homes have been tragically burned down, the tides have come crashing swiftly through the markets, smaller islands have ended up shifted out of place, scattered and shattered across the Archipelago, and children have been swept away in the harsh winds. Wrath follows the Elemtivals like a shadow.

Nobody would dare challenge the Yaztós family, especially out in the open, and none can ever be sure what they may be scheming and plotting next. Their agendas vary, and their passions for madness meet the extremes. It is serendipitous Popus Xiovænni de Sanctíl remains steadfast in promoting the ideal to hold fast to that which is good for all...

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