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(S28) Past and Present Crimes

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The Dryads present seemed friendly when they saw what Eurytus was. They informed him that communing with the mother was possible but the experience would kill most. For it to happen at all a great sacrifice needed to happen, one of the unique golden animals on this island. The party were given a choise to choose what to hunt, the antlers, the hoof or the teeth. While the party decided to sacrifice the Golden Deer which consented to being sacriiced they were ambushed by the Golden lion which claled them Hypocritess and attacked with it's pack. Eurytus was able to commune with Thylea herself and learned much about the truth of the early world. He saw and learned about The Creation of the Fey races and how this is what caused the power imbalance with Sydon absorbing Talieus The First divinity. He then saw and experienced The War of the Titans and saw how one by one the Titans fell. Not a single one was slain but they were all somehow incapacitated. After the communion ended Eurytus was given a golden apple that sprouted from the mother herself. He decided that it should be cut and each crew member be given a small piece of it to consume.

Meanwhile Praxos and Tryntia aproached the pegasus they had seen. It spoke into their minds asking if they had done evil and Tryntia stepped back. Coming closer to Praxos he showed him the good deeds he had done in the past being perverted and causing bad luck to the people he hlped equivelant with the boon he had given them, sometimes excheeding it. He said that Praxos was a good man but something had taken his influence and warped it. Bellerophon, as a pegasus, was affronted by such a deed and asked if Praxos would accept his aid. Once he received an affirmative the Pegasus was bonded to Praxos and was able to let him fly on his back. In a similar if more comedic moment the Golden Ram asked to be taken aboard the Ultros and be taken somewhere interesting and in return it would allow them to shear it. It flew Tryntia back to the base of the tree in an extremely dangerous and haphazard way, Sconosciuto flying close behind.

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