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(S16) Knee Deep in Duty

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Our heroes decided that they would first head to the Sewers of Mytros to see if they could resolve the blockage that was making the lower parts of the city remain flooded. They entered from the sealed entraces that normally wre filled with waste that dropped into the sea below. Tryntia wisely used her water manipu;ation abilites to manifest a bubble of air around peoples head so they could breath even if water was to overwhelm them. 


After half an hour of walking through the sewers they encountered a solid wall of mud. Tryntia tried a gust of wind at the wall of mud which pushed it away but the wall pushed back. Aella, The Whirlwind stabbed the mud with her spear and longsword and it shrieked.  The party did some thinking and came up with the theory that the wall might be comprised on many smaller oozes or elementals being kept in place. Eurytus detected conjuration magic coming from the wall and tried to dispel the magic that bound it. The wall broke and a torrent of water burst through, sending them flying back towards the sewers exit. A creature composed of mud and water attacked them and tried to drown them. The creature was killed, mere moments before the heroes were edjected forcibly out of the pipe and into the ocean, heroically surfacing to the astonishment of some nearby fishermen.

The party decided to venture into the sewers once again to investigate the lair of this creature. While not many clues were found, even though Eurytus spoke to the plants nearby and found out that the creature had slipped inside during the storm, they ventured even deeper into the sewers until Aella, The Whirlwind spotted some messages written in Thieves Cant. It sighposted two corridors, one with the word home and the other with the word danger.

No one can accuse The Heroes of Thylea for fearing danger as even though they were wounded and fatigue nipped at their heals they chose to go down the passageway with the word "DANGER" on it. Who, but heroes would make such a choise. The logic was, that it would lead to the hideout of the fabled Lady of Coins, a criminal they had been tasked by the noble Taran to eliminate. Aella, The Whirlwind explainmed to the party that she could read the criminal tongue as she used to be a piratte and served on The Titan's Wrath. She admitted that she had been kept out of the loop and betrayed on her last job, her former captain Tasos "Aspros" Oneirovatis selling her out to The Amazons. While she did not say more she seemed to think that Sconosciuto would seek her out.

After some walking the party came across two guards. They were covered in armour from head to toe and assumed a threatening stance when the party neared. This did not stop our brave heroes who rushed forward and were shocked to discover that these creatures were Automatons that were made out what previously was a living mortal. Acompanying the two guards, two similar made dogs joined the fight but were quickly dispatched.

The party strode forward and made to open the door that the guardss stood infront which promptly released the magical trap it was holding in a gigantic explosion. The party withstood the effects but were greviously hurt. Stepping in they found out who was behind these flesh and metal abominations, Ismene Neurdagon, niece of Taran, their benefactor.

 Ismene raved about "progress" and how she is "fixing" the Nests' "monstrous" inhabitants before attacking the already wounded heroes. Her constructs rushed forward and her spells smote our heroes with several of them falling and near death. Fortunately, summoning strenght even she did not know she had Tryntia leaped across the battlefield and killed Ismene with one momentous blow.

One construct  seemingly more advanced than the others proved to be a dangerous foe but before it could kill anyone it stopped, looked at the heroes and said in a quiet voice “Tell Hayley that I love her.” before taking her blades and impaling itself. A sad ending to a poor life.

While rummaging through the contents of this laboratory the party found Ismenes diary that explained what had happened here among other magical items.

Ismene Neurdagon never fit in well with the rest of the Neurdagon family. An avid worshipper of Volkan, Ismene always sought to create elaborate creatures of artifice. However, Ismene's pursuit of knowledge is incredibly… single-minded. After stealing and killing a stimfay, Ismene became obsessed with the practice of mimicking life through machinery. Unfortunately, her research required a steady supply of living flesh to study, and eventually Ismene's bizarre predilections became hard to ignore.
Ismene eventually set up an underground laboratory, practicing dark experiments in combining flesh with machinery. Eventually Ismene's advancing "science" needed more intelligent subjects, so Ismene began kidnapping and "repairing" the "monstrous" inhabitants of the Nest of the Forgotten. She made a small cabal of half-machine, half-humanoid "prototypes" that she slaved to her will. 

A taken apart Stimfay was found nearby, likely the inspiration for the mechanical parts of these horrible experiments.


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