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(S08) Descending into the Forge

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Rekken and Aella, The Whirlwind descended the Shaft and explored while the rest of The Heroes of Thylea tried to tend to their wounds. Unfortunately, they were attacked by two more two-headed cerberii cutting their rest short. They made quick work of the beasts but sustained some extra wounds for their trouble.

While the two were exploring, Aella found a chamber housing Efiri who shushed them and pointed at the still sleeping Cerberus She explained that she had been trapped here for centuries and if someone would help her be freed she would help use the forge for a full year and crafty anything The Heroes of Thylea needed. Rekken found a magical dagger in the refuse of old weaponry and the location of the Ellivaatour. He also discovered a hidden dock on the right side of the complex with a mysterious level in the small room next to it. He did not pull it.

Unfortunately, the Ellivaatour was trapped and started to fill with flammable oil and the password given to the party by Troggo did not seem to work. Quick thinking saved them, with Euryale blocking one of several of the Dragon-shaped pipes that were pumping oil by jabbing her sleeping roll into it. Praxos then used his adamantium dagger to cut a hole in the floor which drained much of the oil and Tryntia started creating water in an effort to further dilute the oil. By the party's combined efforts, they did not sustain lethal damage.

Finally, the party entered The Mithral Forge and encountered the fearsome young Cerberus which was accompanied by two smaller males. It was a titanic fight with much of the creatures rancour focused on Praxos who came within inches of death if not for everyone working together to stop it. Rekken putting the magical dagger he found to very very good use, Euryale biting one of the smaller Cerberus's back, Eurytus using the power of Kentimane to drag a Cerberus into lava, Aella managing to cut off of the Cerberus's head in the melee Tryntia finally finished the creature by jamming her Trident within one of it's remaining jaws and smiting the ever-loving heck out of it. 

The combat over Aella, The Whirlwind smashed the contract, setting Efiri free. Barely standing she told Efiri that she sought out the "Setting Sun" to slay it and that she was told that Efiri would help. After some thinking Efiri produced a magical ring that would allow Aella to survive the flames of the beast and told her to seek the Gygans of The Island of Yonder for they were famed as the crafters of dragon-slaying equipment.

As the party started to tend to their wounds Troglodyte voices filled the caverns where they were coming from. Efiri informed them that they had been down here before the Cerberii took over the level. It was then that the Ellivaatour started to make noises and descending. What was coming?

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