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(S03) Trip To Estoria

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After rescuing the Oracle, The Heroes of Thylea made way to The City of Estoria. But a few hours away however they all fell unconscious, visitided by a nightmare.

A woman's voice suddenly emanates from the darkness around you. “So... your great 'quest' begins. Off to become heroes, are you? Mortals are so very proud."A light shines in the dark, illuminating the sad and pathetic figure of an old man, who has been hogtied to a stake. “Look at this one. He’s falling to pieces: joints stiff, skin slack, teeth gone. The life is practically dripping out of him."Inky black shadows fall across the old man. He flinches and squirms, panicking as something draws closer—something that you cannot see.“Yes, his sad mortal life is leaking away. But I wonder what will happen to his soul?”The old man thrashes against his restraints, scream-ing into his gag as a butcher’s knife descends, and you awaken from the nightmare, bathed in sweat.

Everyone woke up and with the exception of Eurytus, whose superior willpower allowed him to retain his wits while everyone else was visited with a temporary madness. After this had passed, Kyrah, Poet Laureate of Mytros informed The Heroes of Thylea that this was an attack by Lutheria, Queen of Dreams.

Some hours later the party arrived at The City of Estoria. Using Praxos's military renown they were able to gain entrance to the city promptly. They then wandered the city for a while meeting notables such as

Realising that they could track the culprits using them magical wine stains as a guide the party quickly left The City of Estoria and headed to The Oldwoods to find the missing horn.

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