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Abreau Maneision

The Carry

Dato inserito

Abreau ''The Carry'' Maneision is the self-proclaimed greatest wizard. He ''casts spells'' by throwing mislabeled potions on his target. He hires adventurers to go on mission and accompanies them to ''supervise'' them, and make sure they are not in need of help. He always claims he could do those missions by himself, but that ''it would be no fun'' if he did.

He adamantly refuses to acknowledge that he is throwing potions instead of casting spell and that he clearly his some sort of herbalist/alchemist instead of a wizard.

The fact he was able to create potions potent enough to affect a target without them having to drink it suggests he is quite talented at potion crafting and the fact he never really know what ''spell'' he is going to cast suggests he either mislabels or doesn't label his potions.

In 1495 DR, a group of adventurers found him in an underground building, underneath old elven ruins in the Sconosciuto. He had been turned into a vampire.


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