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Cinnabar was a clan of athletes and warriors, their hulking bodies covered in ruddy red scales, their breath hot and their eyes blazing.

After the terrible cold fell, the Cinnabar, along with most Dragonborn clans were decimated. Occasionally they can be seen among mercenaries, soldiers, and elite guards.

Cinnabar Epiphany and her mate Cinnabar Flint were chosen as leaders among the Cinnabar, residing within Lasthaven. They had two children, Daughters Tyrana and Jynx. 

For a long time, the Cinnabar clan argued over their purpose. Those led by Epiphany wanted to find out why the world had grown cold and save it.  Those led by Flint wanted to accept the world as it is and use their size, strength and aggression to earn a living as mercenaries. Flint's heart became as cold as the world he now lived in. 

Tyrana and Jynx both took to the mercenary life, becoming as ruthless as their father.

Epiphany never had the same aggression as her husband and daughters. She wanted to save the world, not rule over what's left of it. This was shared by other members of the Cinnabar Clan. 

Tensions were high, compounded by Epiphany expecting her third child. As the egg matured, the Cinnabar Clan's tensions boiled over, and after a series of loud arguments that led to scuffles, the clan fractured. 

Flint, his daughters, and most of the Cinnabar Clan left Lasthaven to Kingston to work as mercenaries. The remainder stayed to continue their efforts to discover the cause of the Freeze.  

Epiphany kept the egg of her third child, and when it hatched she called the young dragonborn Codex. 

Cinnabar Codex was something different. Not in size and strength, but in intellect. He was raised by his mother Cinnabar Epiphany at the Celnor Library, one of a handful of libraries remaining in the world. This library was tended by devotees of the God Ioun.

Ioun, the scholarly Goddess, desires only the sharing of knowledge. Most other libraries were seized by the wizards and nobles for private leisure and research, or taken over and renovated for other uses, but the Celnor Library remained open.

Cinnabar Epiphany was certain that knowledge could save the world, and 10 years ago she worked hard to finance a grand expedition to the far north. She was certain the libraries and universities entombed in the far reaches would hold the answer that would save all.

She and half a hundred hopefuls, both dragonborn, human, gnome and halfling left that day.

Never to be heard from again.

Since that time Cinnabar Codex has kept his mother's dream alive. There is, somewhere out in the frozen world, an answer and a solution to save this dying world.

The Truth

In recent times Codex has learned that what he was told about when his father and sisters left is untrue. A large contingent of Red Dragonborn led by Cinnabar Flint and his daughters Cinnabar Jynx and Cinnabar Tyrana left Lasthaven days before Cinnabar Epiphany set out with the expedition to the Citadel. Codex never knew that his father and sisters lived much closer to him than he was told. 

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