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Elsweyr Arc

Dato inserito

Though close to Leyawiin, the party used some teleportation magic to try and go straight to the city of Corinthe. According to Xarxes, the Tools were in Corinthe. Due to unfamiliarity with the city, however, they were transported to a similar location. Luckily for them, that was only three days' travel away from Corinthe. They wound up in a town called Portneau View, and saw first-hand the state the Khajiit were in. Force-fed Skooma, the Khajiit were intentionally addicted to a new kind of Skooma. They were given more when they did their work, and their work was to facilitate the production, transfer, and widespread circulation of this new Skooma. Khajiit in town were either bustling about doing their work, or in a lul and doing practically nothing while off their new fix. In town, the party also found notice boards mentioning sickness in Valenwood and roadways being closed off.

The party traveled the road to Corinthe and along the way found a traveling caravan of traders. They made some trades with him and then had to camp for the night. When they awoke in the morning, they found their campsite surrounded by Thalmor archers, and the Emissary marching up to them with a contingent of troops. A fight ensued right away, and while it was rough, the party emerged victorious. The Emissary was dead, just like that. After the fight, they took a short rest, then came to find that the Emissary was missing. Using some tracking magic, they rushed to the city of Corinthe. There, a second fight ensued. They had confiscated a pair of gauntlets, a hammer, and a dagger after the first fight, but now the Emissary had all three once again. It was clear, that these were fake, and so the search began for the real set, which had been said to have been in Corinthe, to begin with. After a second victory against the Emissary, her head was cut off. With her death, the leader of the city seemed to come out of a stupor. While having appeared very old and very weak before, his hair and fur color brightened, and the age seemed to bleed away from his face. While he still bore a serious scar, he was able to move and act once again. He introduced himself as The Mane, not just the leader of the city, but all of Palletine, the southern kingdom of Elsweyr. He directed the party to a home just outside the walls of the city, where the Emissary had made her home.

Searching the home, the party found a magical book that held communications between the Emissaries. The latest entry called for the Emissaries to leave their stations and return to the Summerset Isle, to deal with the expected invasion of Svarog's forces. It also mentioned the loss of the Tools of Kagrenac. Sure enough, hidden within a secret room of the home was a large sum of money and the real Tools of Kagrenac. Using the tools, the party gained the pseudo-god-like power that the Thalmor had seemed to be after.

Afterward, the party returned to The Mane. In time, Svarog caught up with the group. Svarog, Artarya, and the Mane went into conversations about the war and efforts against the Thalmor. After that, Svarog and Artarya returned to Cyrodiil in order to go after the Imperial City. Bryc also had to leave, saying he had a marriage to go to. He would return and continue to help, so long as he could continue fighting Thalmor, and that he would return with his new wife. Zurin Arctus, Sariel's mentor, teleported in to join the party and lend them aid with Artarya and Bryc leaving.

J'Oro Azan, the Mane, asked for more of the party's help. He wanted the plantations that produced the Skooma dealt with so that his people could be free of that taint and able to help in the war. He informed the party of three plantations within the realms of Palletine.

The first, northwest of Corinthe, named Greenhall, was the closest. The party headed there. Along the way, they found some Khajiit from Greenhall attempting to flee to the south. They mentioned others that had been with them but had not made it. Brokul cleansed them of their addiction and told them to return to Greenhall in a few days, as they were headed there to clean the place out of Thalmor and free the other Khajiit. They would arrive during a day when Thalmor had arrived to collect a shipment of the Skooma. Interaction with these Thalmor subjected the party to disease, as these Thalmor had recently been in Valenwood. Over the next week, interaction with each other would eventually show that all except Brokul would come down with symptoms of a disease. He could cleanse them too.

After dealing with the Thalmor in Greenhall, the party used spells like teleportation circle and transport via plants to funnel the Khajiit out of Greenhall and to Skyrim. They purchased some land in northern Whiterun to start a farm. There, the Khajiit could help with crops like wheat, barley, cabbage, leeks, and potatoes, and of course, apiaries for bees, so they could supply their Meadery in Helgen. This would also get them away from the conflicts of the ever-intensifying war. With that setup, the party returned to Elsweyr and to the city of Corinthe.

Upon returning to Corinthe, they found the city had been attacked. Zurin theorized it had been the Emissary of Valenwood. With the magical book that held communications between the Thalmor leadership, it was clear one of them was not listening to the call to return to the Summerset Isles. With his knowledge of the Emissaries, he told the party about Maesael. A return trip to the Emissary of Elsweyr's house showed that Maesael had ransacked the place, to confirm that the Tools of Kagrenac had been taken. They also found a piece of paper, torn away from something, that had apparently been left behind by Maesael while he had been there. It was a confusing note that simply said "The black house is on the far left." Unsure what to make of it, they moved on. Ensuring the Mane was ok, the party then headed off for the other Plantations.

The second plantation's name was not discovered. Along the way, they discovered and saw many signs of wildlife being disturbed, either by sickness or a rising issue with other wildlife. Injured Senche, an attacked group of refugees from Valenwood, and some hostile plantlife all showed signs of trouble in the area. Upon arrival to the second Plantation, the party found that the Thalmor had already been dealt with, as well as many of the Khajiit. A few still lived, hidden in their home, while some wild cats that had snakes sprouting from their backs, had essentially taken over the town. The party dealt with them, and after curing them of their addictions, sent this small group of Khajiit off to Skyrim as well, to be safe at their own farm.

Teleporting back to Portneau View, the party then traveled south to the last Plantation that J'Oro Azan told them of. Chasegrove was on the opposite side of a river. Finding a camp of Imperial troops first, they learned that the Imperials had been at odds with the Thalmor in Chasegrove more than once. The camp was small and could not push into the town and secure it, but they had taken down the numbers of Thalmor in the area somewhat. The party was advised towards caution before they went in. They were told that the camp was a small detachment of a larger Imperial force camped on the border of Valenwood, waiting for the message to move in. The party had also met some refugees from just across the border before and felt a need to push into Valenwood next.

After meeting with the Legate in charge of the greater Imperial forces, the party was approached by an individual named Neville. Neville was a member of the Dark Brotherhood, and he relayed that Melka had been taken care of. However, Althír was still unaccounted for, as it was harder to get into the Summerset Isles for them. Nevertheless, they assured the party the efforts were still being made. Afterwards, the party ventured onward, making their way into Valenwood in search of any Thalmor occupying Valenwood. On top of their main goal, Legate Santino Antius had informed them that there were rebels forces working in Valenwood already. They were few and scattered and in need of help. The Legate wanted, among other things, contact made with them so that he could get them connected to the Imperial plans in Valenwood.

On their way to one of the locations of these rebel forces, the party came across a Khajiit. He presented as extremely happy, but it was discovered this happiness was the result of a drug. Not Skooma, but something new that had not been encountered in Elsweyr. Upon arrival at a village known to be the home of the Grovesong family of Bosmer, Valaya revealed she knew them. She was in fact betrothed to wed one of them, an individual known as Kaetir Grovesong. Kaetir was the son of the village elder and was not in town. He was off looking into an issue with one of his friends. Kaetir was the leader behind the rebel forces and one of his compatriots had been gone without contact for too long. He was purportedly in the village of Cormain Spring. They party went in search of him, but left behind means for the village elder to get in touch with Legate Santino Antius.

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