Danger lurks around every corner. Witches hide in the forest, waiting for children to stray from the path. Hyper-intelligent raccoons threaten to take over the planet. Children move to a new school where nobody wants to be their friend. The humans can't save themselves! They don't even notice the danger!

It's a good thing they have magical kitties.

How to Play

When your kitty tries to do something tricky or dangerous, you will be asked to make a check. Your game master (GM) will tell you which attribute—Cute, Cunning, or Fierce—is that one you will roll for. (Don't remember what the attributes do? Read Creating Your Kitty!) The number you have in that Attribute is the number of dice you start with. This is called your dice pool.  If your kitty is using a Talent, you can add an additional die to your dice pool. If your kitty is using a Magical Power, you can add two more dice to your dice pool, but you can only do this once per scene. You may also get a die for a success bonus, or lose a die for each injury you have. If your total dice in a pool is zero, you can't roll the dice.

The difficulty of the check ranges from 3 to 6. The higher the number, the tougher the check. 

Once you have all of your dice and know the difficulty, it's time to roll your dice. Roll them all at once. Each die that gets a number equal to or higher than the difficulty counts as a success. If you rolled no successes, your kitty fails at the task. If it at least one die was a success, your kitty Succeeds. The more successes you roll, the better your kitty does!

Making your kitty is like making up a character in a story. You decide what he or she looks like, what they like to do or don't like to do, and their personality. Part of creating your kitty is also assigning certain numbers used in the game's rules.

First you have to decide on your kitty's name. This could be a name their human uses, or another name that magical kitties call them, or both.  Then decide what your kitty looks like. Think about different colors and cat breeds.


The nature of the Fairylands is as strange to mortals as the fey who call it home. There are, as far as magical kitties can tell, many different Fairylands, each accessible from a particular place on Earth. All these Fairylands could be connected together on some deeper level. Or perhaps they're all somehow reflections of each other and are, in fact, the same Fairyland after all. But that sort of thinking tends to just make kitties dizzy. And fairies themselves are notorious liars who deliberately spread mistruths about the Fairylands.

A Fairyland can be thought of as an alternative dimension. Parts of the Fairyland can lie quite close to our world, or even — in places like fairy circles — be one and the same. But the deeper you go into a Fairyland, the farther from our world you go, and the stranger and more magical the Fairyland becomes.

The Fairylands are filled with glamour. This magic twists reality and makes things look like what they are not. Often a Fairyland presents itself as being a reflection of the mortal world, but somehow better, sharper, clearer, and more beautiful; or else darker, truer, and more revealing.

Tiny is a small but very cute kitten with the power of changing her shape. Unlike other cats, Tiny likes mice (as friends, not food).

Most curses dissipate over time, but a few grow stronger or are strengthened by great tragedies. Malagrym are magical curses that have "come alive" as a single creature, and are attached to a particular place or person as its host. Some of these eventually grow powerful enough to transfer to a new host or even break loose entirely, roaming freely and inflicting their hex on anyone who crosses their path.

Malagrym are often invisible, but may appear as vortices of black energy. There are rumors of malagrym that have grown so strong that they've even gained the power of speech

Most art used in this campaign was created using Midjourney.

The following pieces used in the campaign were created by the artists of Magical Kitties Save the Day, Ekaterina Kazartseva and Anthony Cournoyer:

Campaign header by Ekatrina Kazartseva.
Campaign sidebar by Anthony Cournoyer.
Mouse by Ekatrina Kazartseva.
How To Play by Anthony Cournoyer.
Rival by Ekatrina Kazartseva.