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Can I have more than one campaign?

There is no limit to how many campaign you can join. To switch or create a new campaign, click on campaign switcher icon on the top-right of an existing Kanka campaign. Below your campaigns, there is a New Campaign button.

Can I create custom entity types?

Kanka comes with a set of predefined entity types that interact with each other. Allowing custom entity types would require rebuilding the app from scratch and defeat the purpose of a tool with predefined types to help out people worldbuild rather than figure out how to organise things. Furthermore, Kanka is flexible with Tags that can represent most custom entity type scenarios.

Can a campaign be duplicated?
It is not possible to duplicate campaigns in Kanka. We recommend keeping everything in the same campaign, and using permissions to handle your various groups. However, it is possible to copy entities from one campaign to another. This can be done in the list of entities, for example the campaign's locations. Select the left-side checkbox, and scroll down to select the "Copy" option from the dropdown.
How can I backup or export my campaign?

Once a day, you can export all of your campaign's data as a ZIP file. Learn how to export your campaign in our documentation.

What are Entity Pins?

Entities can have relations and attributes pinned to the right of their story view. To pin an element, go and edit the relation or attributes and set the pinned value on those.

You can find out more about this feature in our documentation.

Can I rename modules? For example Families into Clans, or Organisations into Factions?

By default, Kanka does not allow you to change the name of modules. This is due to the grammatical correctness and user experiences for languages that use gendered words.

However, a boosted campaign can change the name of modules in the sidebar by customising it under World > Sidebar setup.

Learn more about this feature in the docs.

Can I sync entities across multiple campaigns?

Kanka does not have this feature. However, if you're trying to have multiple play groups in the same world consider using the same campaign and separating your groups through a combination of quests, tags, and permissions

Alternatively, you can copy one or multiple entities from one campaign to another using the bulk transform action.

How can I run multiple groups in the same world?

Rather than re-creating your world multiple times in Kanka, manage everything in a single campaign instead. Invite each member of your groups, and instead of giving them all the players role, create multiple roles. That way you can control which group sees what in the campaign.

Another good practice is to create a tag for each of your groups, so you can quickly filter entities based on specific tags.

How do I use filters?

You can use filters to limit the amount of results shown in lists. Text fields support various options to control in further detail what is filtered out.

By placing an ! before your text, you can search for anything that doesn't contain the text in the field.
By placing an ! at the end of your text, you can search for every entity with exactly this text in the field.
Writing !! in a field will search for all entities where this field is empty.

You can combine search options on text fields by writing ;. For example Alex;!Smith.

Filters and ordered columns set for an entity list are saved into your session, so as long as you stay connected you don't need to re-set them on every page.

When filters are active, the copy to clipboard button becomes active. This copies the filters to your clipboard, and you can use those for dashboard widget filters or for quick link filters.

Can I change nested lists to flat lists?

Determining if lists are presented in a nested or flat manner can be controlled in either the campaign settings or the user settings, with the campaign settings always overriding the user's setup.

Learn how to change these settings in our documentation.

Attribute Templates, what are they?

The best way we can explain Attribute Templates is with an example. Let's imagine that your world has lots of Locations, and on many of those locations, you want to remember to create a custom Attribute for "Population", "Climate", "Crime Level".

Now, you could easily do that on every Location, but it can get tedious, and you might forget sometimes to create the attribute "Crime Level". This is where Attribute Templates come into play.

You can create an Attribute Template with those attributes (Population, Climate, Crime Level, etc), and later apply that template to your locations. This will create the attributes from the template on the locations, so all you have to do is change the values and not have to remember about the attributes!

Our YouTube video covering this


Where to create Gods and religions?

We recommend creating Gods as characters, and creating religions as organisations. If you want to quickly find your deities, we recommend tagging them with an appropriate tag and/or type.

How can I delete a campaign?

From the sidebar, click on World. A Delete campaign button is visible at the top of the page. Deleting a campaign is a permanent action that will delete all the data stored on our servers, including images. Recovering a deleted campaign is not possible.

What are Attributes?

Use attributes to represent values attached to an entity that aren't text. You can reference entities in attributes using the advanced mentions syntax [entity:id]. You can also reference other attributes by using the {Level} syntax.

You can also get creative with some basic math options. For example, {Level}*{Con} will multiple the :level and :con attributes of this entity. If you want to round up or down, you can use floor({Level}/3) or ceil(({Con}*{Level})/2)

When creating or editing an attribute template, you can set random attributes. This can either be a random value between two numbers separated by -, or a random value from a list of values separated by ,. The value for the attribute is determined when the template is applied to an entity, or when an entity is saved.

For example, if you want a number between 1 and 100, use 1-100. If you want a value from a list of options, use London, Berlin, Rome, Zürich.

You can reference the entity's name with {name}. If an attribute exists with that name, the attribute will be used instead.

Can I copy entities accross campaigns?

Absolutely! You can even copy entities from a public campaign into yours. Either do it individually from the entity's icon, or in bulk.


Can I limit the information my players see in my campaign?

Absolutely, this is why we built Kanka! You can invite all your players to your campaigns, and give them roles and permissions. We built the system to be extremely flexible (you can both use an opt-in and opt-out configuration) to cover as many needs and situations as possible.

If you only want parts of an entity to be private, for example their goals and plot points, add a Post in the entity's overview page.

Video Explanation

Can anyone see my world?

Only the people that you invite to your campaign can see and interact with that you have created. This is also true for employees of Kanka, meaning that we cannot access your data unless invited to join your campaign. Your data is private and always in your control. If you wish to share your campaign with a larger audience, you can make it public, allowing anyone to view its content.


Character Age and Death

You can link a Character to a calendar of the campaign by viewing a Character and going to the Reminders subpage. From there, add a new reminder and set the type to Birth or Death to automatically calculate the character's age. If both birth and death are present, both dates will be shown as well as the age at death. If only the birth is set, the date and the current age will be shown. If only the death is set, the date and the years since death will be shown.

Locations and organisations also get their own "Foundation" reminder type.

Learn more about this feature in the docs.

Maps & Locations

Can I upload maps to Kanka?

The maps module supports PNG, JPG, WEBP and SVG images. These maps can have layers, groups, and markers pointing of various shapes and sizes that point to other entities in a campaign.

You can learn more about the maps module in our documentation.

What can I do with Maps?

Using the maps module, you can create new maps to your campaign. Maps can have layers, groups, and markers. Markers can be individual elements on the map, or linked to entities of the campaign, creating a visual exploration experience to campaigns. Markers can also be made private, and have different rendering options (pin, circle, label, custom polygon).

Learn more about maps in our documentation.


How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, go to your Account page and scroll down to the account deletion section. This will permanently delete your account and any campaigns where you are the sole member. This action is permanent and cannot be reverted by Kanka.


Will the app stay free?

Yes! We strongly believe that your financial situation shouldn't impact your enjoyment of TTRPGs or world building and we will always keep the core app free. However, if you wish to take a more active role in this journey, support us, and vote on the features that matter the most to you, you can do so through our subscriptions.

In addition to voting on the direction that Kanka takes, supporting us allows you to gain access to Campaign Boosters, increase file size upload limits, an ad-free experience, and more.

What are early access features?

Early access features is a way for us to reward our amazing subscribers by giving them an exclusive 30 day period where they can try out the latest features before anyone else.

What happens if a campaign is no longer boosted?

Unboosting a campaign doesn't delete any of the data that was created while boosted, but simply hides the information and features that require a boosted campaign. All the information and features will be available again with the same setup as they were when a campaign is boosted once more.

Do you have access to my credit card details?

All credit card information and billing is handled by Stripe. Stripe only provides us with your card brand, expiry date, and last four digits. This allows us to notify subscribers if their card is about to expire, avoiding them loss of subscription status and boosters.


Is there a mobile app? Is one planned?

There currently is no dedicated mobile app for Kanka, but we've taken extra steps to ensure that all feature work on mobile devices and that the interface adapts to smaller screen sizes.

What are the long term plans?

The long-term plan for Kanka is to build a versatile worldbuilding and campaign management tool that is system agnostic with community created content through the marketplace.

How often is the data on Kanka backed up?

We perform two backups a day to prevent any data loss. Our own campaigns are on the server, so we don’t want to take any risks!

How can I report a bug?

Simply join our Discord server and report your bug in the #error-and-bugs channel.

How can I help?

Firstly, thank you for wanting to help out! We are always interested in people who can help out with translations, testing new features, or who can help out new users. We also love when people promote Kanka to reach new users in places we hadn't thought of. Your best course of action is to join us on the Discord where a channel is dedicated to helping out.

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