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One of the most powerful warlords serving the Daughters of Sora Kell, the fire giant Gorodan Ashlord is a Xen’drik exile and one of the few of his kind in Khorvaire. Gorodan rules Vralkek, the only port in Droaam.

The king of a fire giant realm in Xen’drik exiled Gorodan for seeking power above his station. Gorodan came to Droaam more than twenty years ago, bringing an entourage of fire creatures with him.

Carving out a large fiefdom on the shores of the Thunder Sea, Gorodan subjugated the ogres and goblins of the area, then built a fortress on the bluffs east of the Scar River. When the Daughters of Sora Kell came to power in Droaam, they won the fire giant’s grudging allegiance, granting him the resources to raise a settlement around his fortress.

Though Gorodan has a reputation as a warrior, he is also a mystic of sorts. He knows only a little magic, but he is constantly seeking ways to emulate his fire titan ancestors.

Source: Eberron Campaign Guide

An exile from Xen’drik, Lord Gorodan (LN male fire giant, fighter 3) arrived in Droaam twenty-four years ago and quickly established a fiefdom, seizing control of a clan of ogres and their goblin slaves. Gorodan is filled with melancholy over his banishment and constantly complains about the cold climate. He accepts the rule of the hags but generally remains disinterested in events in Khorvaire. He knows a tremendous amount about the giants of Xen’drik, and this information could be invaluable to explorers planning an expedition into the territory of the fire giants, assuming they can find a way to persuade him to share it.

Source: Eberron Campaign Setting

While House Vadalis conducts most of its business in Dragon Towers, the head of the household has always resided in the Pegasus Spire in Highwater. The Sharn Vadalis have always enjoyed participating in the Race of Eight Winds and the Highwater Wind Guard has always included members of the family. In addition to serving as the manor for the Vadalis family, Pegasus Spire provides the stable and training facilities for the pegasi used in the race.

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