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The journey of a group of notable refugees in the world of Tuvron, forced to flee from Egland after being caught in a coup. They became shipwrecked, discovered a magical disease Blue Wrath, and found the Octahedral Crystallizer, an artifact which can turn matter into gemstones. After many struggles, they now return to the mainland, Tulsa-aria in a once thought lost ship, The Discovery.

A Sandbox Campaign with a focus on the mechanics of Pathfinder.

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14 órája Mass Murder at the Cornfield Jambouree

Fortune's Vanguard continued to move through the dying farm field; they couldn't seem to shake the guards on their heels. Meanwhile Cleis was already at the drop point, finding and chatting with an old friend. Seeing the Gilded Guard pursing his team, Cleis took aim from the building, flash freezing and killing three guards with an icy explosion. He followed up mere seconds later, killing 2 more guards. Woodsworth attempted to distract, creating a large burst of sunlight and flying high into the sky. Woodsworth spiraled higher into the sky, making his way eastward, a shining beacon in the night sky.

Soon after the remaining guards scattered, either scared off or chasing Woodsworth. The atmosphere was somber, and Xael saved the life of the one guard who was not slain. Cleis turned invisible and left, with Janet asking the party to watch after him before he gets in over his head. With no sign of the caretaker, Xael, Fae, and J'ack made their way southwest out of town, debating whether to camp and wait for Woodsworth to find them.

The party split-thrice, they await under the starless sky, a heavy burden weighing in (most) of their hearts.

An assorted group of notable refugees. Most of its members had been invited to The Feast of Egland's Best, a celebration hosted by The Slowcart Foundation turned to a coup, of which they were forced to flee from. Having nowhere to go but the ocean, they eventually found themselves stranded on a previously unknown landmass, Rosemore Island. Shortly after landfall, they discovered Blue Wrath a rapidly expanding fog that to causes unbridled wrath to those exposed to it. Inside of the fog, they found hordes of wandering undead, some with strange parasitic clockwork beetles embedded in their skulls.

They found the wreck of The Discovery and the remaining survivors of its crew, establishing Port Skipper in the process. Exploring deep into the fog they found Sanctum Alpha (The Clouded Facility), housing a contraption that was continually spewing the blue fog. Disassembling it yielded the Octahedral Crystallizer, an artifact of unknown power that transforms anything placed into it into gemstones. They repaired The Discovery, restoring it to it's prior seaworthy state.

They found a group of leshies led by Waking Bittercress, turned mad by exposure to Blue Wrath, and a beetle in the back of their skull. They disabled Waking Bittercress, leaving them comatose, but under the care of the surviving friendly leshies. They then set sail away from Rosemore Island, traveling back to Tulsa-aria just short of a year after the feast which forced them to flee.

They have recently become contractors for The Slowcart Foundation

Caduceus is an arctic hare, heralded as the Idol of Luck, of Egland, heralded for bringing good luck to the kingdom.

During the Feast of Egland, they escaped with Woodsworth on Kr'af's boat, and have been kept safe by the party ever since. 

It is said that by petting this bunny, your life will be bestowed with greater fortunes in the near future. Caduceus is so cute that nobody has argued otherwise.

Cleis Frostclaw works with the Custom's Office, a means to an end for gaining access to various sources of arcane knowledge given it's location within the city of Egland, alongside keeping informed of various happenings within such due to the proximity of the harbor, local market, and a pretty decent bar.


Body being comprised primarily of white scales, this kobold's defining features are the wavy purple hair framing their face, their cyan eye color further cementing the attunement to ice that they have, and the noticeable burn marks taking up the majority of his right arm, alongside the burn marks around his eyes. Being of an average kobold height, Cleis is both curious about the unexperienced aspects of the world around him, and restrained in his curiosity for the sake of self preservation fueled by a dangerous incident in his past, primarily involving an irate dragon and flame magic. That incident also sparked his overwhelming intrigue in all things arcane, however, Cleis delving himself into research and practice to achieve the same level of mastery as what was witnessed...if not to surpass it.


Spending the first part of his life within Udrodzid, a system of caverns alongside kobolds of his same kind, exposure from the outside world didn't start until an incident where he met the ire of a flame Dragon, which was also Cleis' first exposure to magic once an elementally-relevant spell was used to decimate a significant portion of where he resided...alongside leaving himself interested in the sheer power witnessed while fleeing from the caves.

Integrating into the nearest city as much as he could, Cleis found that the instance of being surrounded by the brightness of those flames acclimated himself more towards being out in daylight...more or less curing his weakness to sunlight through proximity to something just as luminescent, allowing him to spend more time around humans. Even if it meant hiding his appearance in a cowl robe a fair bit too big for his body, interacting with the world in the light allowed him to research magic to his heart's content, utilizing such to perform entertainment for both common society, and eventually nobility. Using these moments as practice for the sake of expanding his capabilities, Cleis gradually progressed into actual magic instead of the sort used for entertainment, gaining prestige and social status through his efforts in assisting nobility with all things magically alchemical, combative, or just generally useful.

Now, having settled himself into the world of nobility, having proved himself to be more than a proficient sorcerer with the 13 years of experience after his departure, and still having the curiosity to progress even further than that, Cleis has been bestowed with yet another chapter of recognition: Invitation to the mysterious party of Egland's Best, the prospect of that potential adventure readily accepted for the sake of studying more of the world's secrets.

He was invited to, and had attended The Feast of Egland's Best.

Fae is a wanderer of obscure origins who seeks to both do good in the world, and find answers to her cursed fate.

Fae was just a simple village girl that had ambitions to be a hero some day just like the ones in her stories. She and her best friend Ashpa eventually ran away seeking adventure, but were woefully under-prepared.

They found themselves hopelessly lost and soon captured, brought before a The Lich, and imprisoned to be used in necromantic experiments.

When all hope was lost, The Sorcerer came to their rescue and challenged the lich in single combat. The sorcerer bested the lich and then the unexpected happened: The Lich's Phylactery exploded, engulfing all in a shower of negative magical energies.

Fae awoke some time later in the lich's lair, a pile of ashes where the lich once stood; her friend and the sorcerer nowhere to be found.

It was then she discovered her fate. The dark energies of the phylactery had left her in a half undead state; the negative energy plane tugged at her soul, and her life had been forever changed.

Fae has wandered the world since then, trying to do good while searching for her lost friend and unknown savior.

Jack is decent well known mercenary for hire, working in varying fashions in one country for a month then appearing at new country and making a name for himself there and so on. Bounties, justice, blackmailing, its all work that blends together. 


Woodsworth is a Novitiate of the The Patriciate, a church that provides healing services to the community and aristocracy. He is often accompanied by his companion, Caduceus, a beautiful white poof of a bunny that works as the Idol of Luck for Egland.


He has been invited to The Feast of Egland's Best



"Large" is the first word that comes to mind when staring at this grey dire wolf. Towering about 7 feet, this powerful looking beast tends to capture the attention of whatever room he lumbers into, whether he notices or not. Clad in scraps of armored mail, the mega wolf appears to value defense as only an afterthought in his attire. Striking runes carved in arcane symbols adorn his body, occasionally seeming to arc with bolts of purple light as they shift in color. Hefting his falchion, Rend, across his shoulder, he sets out to his next battle, the only trace of his passing the massive paw prints in the dirt.
Xael hails from a tribe primarily located in a hidden glen between the mountain peaks of Eastern Kapsia. Called The Howling Jaws from the unending glacial storms that blow through, this small valley has been the ancestral home for the gigantic Vaelhrathi tribe as far back as the story teller's spin their yarns. While the details have been lost to the sands of time, tribal legend tells of hunting primordial beasts that ravaged the land in epic battles and unending glory.
 The stories of the elders are impressive, but have become less believable in modern times. Either the land is much safer now, or ancestors of old had an habit of exaggeration. Either way, the tribe retains the trophies of their past hunts used: twin tools of destruction handed down from generation to generation. The first, colossal weapons made of bone larger than any beast seen in modern day and the to skill to wield them. The second, an art lost to the ages of distilling magic essence from slain beasts into a potent ink, which, when inscribed to flesh in the correct patterns, bestow the wearer with fantastic arcane power.
Recent times have been peaceful, with more and more tribesmen content to live off the land, hunting small game and beginning to integrate into a society they once raided. The first diplomatic mission out of seclusion to establish ties with the neighboring Udrodzid, led by the Great Chief Dathrun, held promise, but upon arrival, they found only a sunken crater in the ground, and talk of the great red dragon responsible for it's destruction.
Upon the Chief's return, the story of the red dragon spread to the Tribe. 
13 Years have passed since then, and with the stories of old mingling with tales of winged tyrants, more than a few have begun to dream of conquering the beast. Heart blazing with the promise of glory and the thrill of battle, Xael has completed his training in the ancestral ways of war and hunt. Now, armed with the fresh arcane tattoos, crackling with power, and a massive slab of a sword carved fossil passed down his family line, Xael makes his own way out of the shelter of his past to claim his own story. Following a dream vision from the elders to find a mystical bunny surrounded by darkness, stranded on a forsaken island, he heads north east to track the ultimate quarry.

The Discovery is a large seaworthy caravel, created by Kr'af in the docks of Egland. It is Tuvron's first known seaworthy ship.

It was formerly wrecked (The Former Wreck of The Discovery) on Rosemore Island by The Stone Golem, it has since been repaired by Woodsworth Moure, and floats upon the sea once more.

It can travel 48 miles in a day!

(Image credit: Robert Little: http://roberts-old-ships.blogspot.com/2013/11/a-privateer-in-art.html )

Bird Face was orphaned at the Monastery of Knoppe G'wilday, and taken in by the monks there. He was raised by the monks who all had taken vows of silence, and eventually joined them as a member himself. Bird, unlike the other monks, had not taken the Vow of Silence, having being taught that speaking with outsiders may be a necessity. Due to this, Bird took responsibility for some of the tasks that the other monks could not, such as managing visitors of the monastery, as well as purchasing supplies outside of it in a nearby town a few days away.

Upon returning from a supply run, Bird found all members of the monastery slaughtered. In his mix of sadness and rage, and nothing left to keep him there Bird left the monastery to explore the world for answers.

Needing to integrate into society to survive, Bird has discovered that he doesn't quite understand things, like 'inflections' or 'customs' or 'manners.' But he tries his hardest, and in the end, isn't that what really matters? He is easily fascinated and loves learning new information. How this manifests is different in every occasion and surely won't lead to any wacky hi-jinks.

Shortly after leaving his home, Bird had made a impression on a member of the Particiate of Egland with a proverb that enlightened their life, earning Bird an invitation to The Feast of Egland's Best.

Malystin (mah-lee-steen)
(little shadow)

Kobold - Slayer class (Ranger/Rogue)

Malystin, or Maly for short - was raised by a The Dirty Shadows that specialized in thriving in the shadows, as arboreal rangers or silent killers, lead to believe his parents abandoned him and were killed by magic users - only to find out that he was stolen and utilized for his small stature and camouflage while his parents were killed by the clan - of which came in great use upon the discovery of some unsavory behind something potentially disastrous. However, distractions got the best of Maly when he was caught spying on such vital information, and fearing the clan that had been lying to him his entire life and the new-found enemies

In depth:

Maly and his clan often stole and spied on wealthier, better off clans - generally they go unseen and unheard of due to their great skill and nimble moves. What Maly didn’t know was the longstanding issues other clans had towards the halflings, like the one he was apart of. He was often used to gather information about hunt times, when clan members would be away, and relay the information to his clan about when everyone could come to loot their belongings.

One night he saw some peculiar dressed non-halfling clan members collect together and travel into this old, abandoned cabin near the watermill. They seemed pretty wealthy enough that he was pretty damned sure they’d have some decent loot to last the clan a good minute, if not some decent weapons or spell books. As they were congregating around an old oak table, Maly snuck through some broken ceiling boards and perched, delicately, on some thin, decaying wooden planks holding the building together, and began listening in on their plans.

(This is where he learns some vital information - and information that his Halfling clan killed his parents to steal his egg to utilize for spy purposes)

The scaffolding high above was not as strong as he needed it to be, even for his petite frame - the molding wood gave way under his small frame. And although he caught himself rather quickly, and threw himself back onto another, sturdier plank - the clan members spotted the shadow of his tail disappear and knew someone was watching. On high alert, the occult members spread around like fire and began shuffling around in disarray to find, capture and kill Maly.

He fit himself in through a small window that was bordering the ceiling, pushed himself outside and quietly watched them disperse, frantically searching for the kobold they had just spotted. He was reeling from this newfound information. He didn’t feel safe going back home. He had nowhere else to go.

He knew one thing for sure, though - that’d he’d swear off thievery.


Was present for the events of Maiden Voyage of The Discovery

After the shipwreck, he set up a makeshift Sheldon Raga, and Zayn Moore.

Maly was last seen leaving the camp to explore southwards.

Tulsa-aria is a island continent which encompasses the currently known world. It's land is split between three allied countries Kapsia, Serval, and Wodford. It is 200km end to end.

Kapsia makes most of the food, which are imported by the other nations

Wodford has a lot of carpentry, and more exotic materials can be found in it's forests.

Serval has well maintained roads, and features the continent's main trading company, The Slowcart Foundation.

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